David A Roach was born in Cardiff in 1965 and from an early age he was consumed with both a passion for drawing and writing and a deep seated love of comic books. After studying fine art and Philosophy in Art College he started to work at the age of 21 on the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic; 2000Ad where he drew Judge Anderson and Nemesis The Warlock. With American comics welcoming British creators in the ’90s he drew and inked numerous series’ for DC (Batman, Star Trek), Dark Horse (Aliens, Star Wars) Topps (Cadillacs and Dinosaurs) and Dynamite (Vampirella).  For many years David has also provided illustrations for Advertising and games including the popular Dungeons and Dragons series. As a writer he has contributed to numerous magazines and is the author or co-author of 15 books including The Warren Companion ( Twomorrows), The Art of War (Carlton), Lifestyle Illustrations of the 50s and 60s (Fiell), The Art of Jose Gonzalez, Masters of Spanish Comic Book Art and the Art of Vampirella (all for Dynamite).

In recent years David has diversified into storyboards working on the Warhammer movie and the Da Vinci’s Demons TV series. He is currently working on the Dr Who comic strip (which he has been with for 17 years now) along with Judge Dredd and Judge Anderson for 2000AD and a mountain of commissions for fans. He also has plans for many more books about comics and art including volumes about Sanjulian and Esteban Maroto and a giant celebration of 50 years of Vampirella. In parallel with his comics career he also delights in fine art drawing and is looking forward to his first solo exhibition in the spring of 2018. He still lives and works in Cardiff where he shares a house with more books, comics and magazines than is entirely sensible.

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