Dennis Yatras was born and raised in the island of Zakynthos and he’s been living in Athens for the past 10 years. Growing up he was acquainted with Western and Japanese animation and games and became infatuated with their style ever since. Not having much else to do, he began doodling at a very young age and never seemed to break the habit. After graduating from high school he enrolled in A.T.E.I of Athens in the School of Graphic Arts, honing his illustration and design skills. At the same time he decided to dive deeper in the anime and cosplay scene, the latter of which ended up leading him to a second degree in Middlesex University’s Fashion Design course some years later. Obsessed with the aesthetic of the 80’s and early 90’s pop culture, he loves designing characters that inhabit his strange but familiar worlds. Lately he decided to follow his desire to complete Dark Practice, a spooky comic about a team of teenage witches’ adventures in a small town of northern England. The first issue of his passion project made its debut at Comicdom CON Athens 2018.

Dark Practice –

It’s the summer of 1993. High school student Rachel Hall travels to her late mother’s birthplace, a small town in northern England by the name of Shallowfirth. Although she came looking for answers, her visit will raise more questions than expected. Soon she will discover that Shallowfirth is an unusual town. A place where witches like her roam. A place whose history is tied to its notorious benefactors’ heritage. A place where the dead walk amongst the living.

Dark Practice is a modern take on a gothic tale, with a dash of retro nostalgia. It’s a supernatural horror fantasy, exploring the issues of family, coming of age and the human nature itself.

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