From San Diego, Ca, Erik Arreaga is a Digital Comic Book Illustrator.  Throughout 25 years as a Comic Book Illustrator, he’s had a great opportunity to be part of some very great Published Projects and amazing Comic Conventions, Art Galleries and Festivals.  Some artwork has been seen in the San Diego Comic-Con souvenir books, Alex Pardee’s Eyesuck Inc Bunnywith… and Girls and Corpses Magazine, just to name a few. Being in the Convention scene for so long, Professional Artist since 1995.

“I don’t know how to describe it but your style has this sense of controlled chaos to it that somehow brings out parts of characters you don’t expect. It’s really amazing.”Fan

With his gritty style, with a familiar homage to 90s Comic Art scene,  Erik’s capture of dark moods seems to capture the attention of many.

“I first came across Erik Arreaga on Instagram under suggestions of accounts I would like and this was the only time IG got it right on the 1st try. Erik was sketching over a light and making videos. Watching his abilities transcend from pen to paper impressed me then and still every time he posts a new project. I am the proud owner of multiple Erik Arreaga pieces. From a sketch, to his clothing line and even one of a kind pieces no one besides me will ever own. Erik’s talent and passion are tangible through each piece he creates.”Fan

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