Fernando Dagnino,(Madrid 1973) at five he tells his parents he wants to be a comic book artist.  Nobody took it seriously. He finishes his studies of English literature and linguistics and then  he decides to follow his heart from then on .

 1997 He worked as a GuestDisney Imagineer in L.A in the design of an attraction for DisneyQuest in Disney World Florida.

After working for a short time in the design of BLADE, a video game for Rebel Act  He went on working as an illustrator for juvenile books , magazines and several Publcity agencies such as McCANN ERICSKCON .

In 2007 He wrote and drew he first Graphic novel for youngsters “KASANDRA y la Rebelion”

In 2008 He signed his first contract with DC comics and for six years He worked as penciller first and later as penciller / inker in such series as: Superman, Supergirl, Batman and the Outsiders, Wonder Woman, Teen Titans, Justice League, Resurrection Man and Suicide Squad.

In 2014 He jumped on to Dark Horse Comics : Captain Midnight and Tarzan on the planet of the Apes.

In 2016 He decides to take back the reins of his career and embarks in an almost  suicidal two year and half long creator owned project. This project named SMART GIRL. Written and Drawn entirely by him has been recently published by Editions Reflexions in France and Panini in Spain

In the meantime he finished a comic book for Glenat titled L’AGENT which will be released in June.

He currently is working in a miniseries for Valiant named KILLERS and has begun to write the script for his next project a  dark magic thriller named Winter Queen for Valiant.

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