Florencia Sofen is a cosplayer and photographer from Argentina but she has been living in Spain since 2002. She started cosplaying in 2010 as a tribute to the artist and creators she loves, especially those in the comic scene. She has been a guest in many conventions around Spain and worked for Warner and other brands promoting movies and comics like Suicide Squad. Her cosplay photos taken and edited by her team mate Fali Ruiz-Davila appeared as cover on the comic “Rogues!” for Amigo Comics  and on the first issue of “Domino” for Marvel Comics created by Gail Simone. Her work has also featured in many galleries of cosplay photography around Spain. She was also the main guest in Arte Cosplay (Argentina 2015), the Spanish representant on Magic International Cosplay Masters 2017 at Monaco and one of the main guests at Made in Japan (Austria) last June. Florencia is currently working on promoting Magic: The Gathering for new players and collaborating as an artist in role playing books with Fali Ruiz-Davila.

She has a healthy and inclusive attitude in the cosplay world and loves enjoying every experience cosplaying gives her! She believes the best part of cosplaying is sharing what everyone likes and looks forward to doing so at the upcoming Malta Comic Con Convention.  



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