Since 2012 John Royle has been the regular penciller of IDW’s various Danger Girl miniseries, He kicked off with the five-issue Danger Girl/G.I. Joe crossover – a great way to celebrate his two decades in the industry, which began in 1992 with a one-off contribution to Fleetway’s Red Dwarf Smegazine . Rapidly he moved on to Marvel UK and a run on Knights of Pendragon that took him into 1993 when he embarked on a variety of miniseries – Death’s Head II and the Origin of Die Cut and Death Metal among them – before The House of Ideas itself came calling. Royle worked for Marvel until 1996, his most high profile projects being Wolverine: Evilution (a 1994 one-shot that he drew in collaboration with Mark Texeira) and Excalibur. Along the way he found time to illustrate a couple of Rai fill-ins for Valiant, Robin-Impluse for D.C Comics as well as work on a number of Malibu’s Ultraverse titles, among them Ultraforce, Prime and most notably The Phoenix Resurrection. His next work was for Marvel, primarily on 1997 issues of Star Trek: Starfleet Academy , but he was only there for a year before outside demands for his talents forced him to retire from comics although only semi-permanently.

After a seven-year break he resurfaced at Panini (Marvel UK as was) for which he contributed to multiple issues of Spectacular Spider-Man over the next seven years while also working on 18 of the first 19 issues of 2004’s Marvel Rampage ​ and being a major contributor to Stan Lee’sAlexa‘ a 2005 iBooks one-shot. Then came IDW and Danger Girl. John is also presently providing numerous cover for IDW’s G.I.JOE Real American hero, Red Sonja and other covers for IDW, Dynamite and Zenescope.


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