Steve was born in Athens  in 1991 and started doodling shortly after. He has graduated from Ornerakis School of Applied Arts, where he studied comics and illustration, and has also studied Creative Writing in the Kapodistrian University of Athens. He’s been working in the field since 2008, first in children’s illustrations, and the in zines and comics. His graphic novel Esmé was extremely well-received, getting a nomination for the best self-published comic of 2017 in the Greek Comic Awards. His comics are usually about various fantasy settings, puns, gender and sexuality, and often an imaginary jellyfish that haunts artists and messes up their lives. He’s currently busy making more comics and Dungeons & Dragons inspired merchandise, as well as working as a concept artist for tabletop games.

He’s happiest when he self-publishes his comics and takes them from convention to convention around Europe (for now). In the rare occasions when he’s not working, you can find him playing D&D, reading inside buses or trains, petting dogs, or thinking how bummed he is that he’s not currently working or petting dogs.

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Tumblr – Instagram – Twitter: stivaktis
Facebook: /dolphinoverlords

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Esmé is based on a quite unknown Greek folk tale called the Esmé bird. The story follows Elena, princess of a parallel Athens in a world where fairytales happen, as she tries to save her kingdom by finding the legendary Esmé bird for the mysterious phantom god Stranger who cursed her family. On her way and following the Road of No Return, she meets a bunch of interesting fellow travelers, like Achilles Three-beard the Cretan warrior and Antigone the science witch of the swamp, who are more or less willing to help her out, and she discovers truths about herself and the part she plays in her own destiny.

The comic uses surreal humor, puns, and many Greek inside jokes which haven’t stopped it from having many fans in Europe and America. It’s a journey in unknown Greek folklore beyond the ancient times, and a tribute to under-represented identities who struggle to find themselves in fantasy. It was nominated for the title of Best Self-published Comic in the Greek Comic Awards for 2017 and it’s getting a (sort of) prequel very soon. It’s recommended for people who like fantasy, queer stories, and a tad of too many goats.

Jellinkfish Omnibus

Jellinkfish Omnibus is a collection of all the Jellinkfish strips made from 2013 to 2018, originally published as part of other zines or in short single issues. Jellinkfish is a surrealistic, quasi-biographical comic about an imaginary evil jellyfish that plagues the average artist, be it with the destruction of their artwork or their self-esteem itself. Many of the strips remain the same as they were when originally published, while many of them are remade for better quality. The tome is a final goodbye after six years of giving the local comic fans a creature to blame for their misfortunes in art, and it includes many never-before seen strips as a nod to the people’s incredible support.

You might wonder, why a jellyfish specifically? Well, the Greek pun worked a bit too well to ignore. Unfortunately, the evil little thing worked its way so that there was no literal translation in English – but the relatable feelings still apply. It’s recommended for artists and people who enjoy getting a dark laugh from other people’s misfortune, but not marine biologists or possibly psychiatrists – none of the information about jellyfish in this issue is accurate, and the creator does not wish to be analyzed on how he confronts his artistic troubles through imaginary scyphozoa, please and thank you.

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