Leonidas “Steve” Stivaktis

Steve was born in Greece in 1991 and started doodling shortly after. He has graduated from Ornerakis School of Applied Arts, where he studied comics and illustration, and has also studied Creative Writing in the Kapodistrian University of Athens. He’s been making comics and working as an illustrator since 2008, and in 2013 he self-published his first three zines after someone bet that he couldn’t do it. Since then, he’s self-published ten zines, two sketchbooks, and a graphic novel, illustrated various children’s books and the core book for the role-playing game The Small Folk, and taken part in multiple conventions and comic festivals, such as ComicDom Con in Athens, The Comic Con in Thessaloniki, Cyprus Comic Con, and Thought Bubble Festival, which is coincidentally what he enjoys doing the most. His comics are usually about various fantasy settings, puns, gender and sexuality, and too many dolphins. He is hoping to keep working in the comic industry while he tries to get into university to study about Fantasy and Science Fiction.

When he’s not working (which is not very often), he likes to travel, play Dungeons and Dragons, and play with as many dogs as he can find.

Websites – links:

Tumblr – Instagram – Twitter: stivaktis

Facebook: /dolphinoverlords

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