Mike of the Cosplay Companions Guild and is also a costumer, prop-maker, entertainer and cosplay blogger from Manchester. He was heavily influenced by comics. From the love of great characters, combined with his passion for building, costuming came naturally for him. He always felt for the monsters and villains of the story, relating to them much more than the hero. He always loved the idea that the heroes had it easy, they did the good deed and everyone cheered them on. The villains appealed to him as they had the whole world against them and had the perseverance to push through with their plans. Traditionally he had stuck to comic book characters but have recently started expanding into gaming and family based costuming. The new challenges in scaling, budget and comfort have really kept him on his toes but there is nothing better than going out and enjoying himself.  Malta Comic Con will be his first event outside of the UK and is looking forward to being part of it. 

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