Pavlos Pavlidis is a comic creator interpreting the world through a black and white perspective. He likes to create scary, disturbing and dystopian images (touching on political and more personal themes ). He loves his pentel brush with a passion and to him it feels like an extension of his hand!

He has self-published seven comics to date (Unstrung!, Fixed!, Such A Waste..!, Full Bloom, Just One Fragment, …and after this WHAT?, Don’t Shoot, I Am Already Dead), He is also the co-creator of Somewhat Damaged (with Valia Kapadai), Lamda(with Lee Grice and Valia Kapadai), Futuria (with the Hippo Theatre Group and Valia Kapadai), Last Flight of the Swordbreaker and Tit Quest of Uknown Cuntath (both with Andreas Michaelides), as well as Iasis (in which both Andreas and Valia were involved).Also he has published a strip comic “Pirou-Πιρού” by Socomic – ION and he collaborated with the ” Something Wicked ” Future-Quake Press Comics.

He is currently working on various projects of his own and in collaboration with others.

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