Tasha has only been Cosplaying since 2012 but prior to that growing up she was a massive gamer and really into superheroes. When she got older she became a dancer and started making her own costumes and some for the other dancers as well. When she discovered cosplay it was only natural to start making her own costumes, starting with Xena Warrior Princess (one of her favourite characters growing up) for which she won 1st place at London Film and Comic Con. From then onwards she fell in love with cosplay and the whole scene. To date Tasha has been invited to judge cosplay at various events and conventions and as a frequent traveller to events and conventions Tasha feels honoured to meet so many talented cosplayers all over the world and knowing how much love and work people put into creating costumes, she takes her role as a judge very seriously. Tasha has also been on the cover of comics both in a group and has also had her own solo cover. This year and will be brining some copies to Malta for a very special price and will sign them too! Tasha is looking forward to meeting the Maltese people again!

Photographer credits.
Xena, enchantress, Nidalee snow leopard, Poison Ivy and Lara Croft – Big Guy Slim Photography
Dejah Thoris and Princess Jasmine – Laughing Orc Photography
Wonder woman – Darren Rowley photography


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