A Space Boy Dream

A Space Boy Dream follows twenty-three year old Vincent and his mundane life in the island of Malta, as he struggles to make it big as a fine artist. The comic is a light hearted satire of the hipster culture, where the artists poke fun at themselves and the people around them.

Aces Weekly

ACES WEEKLY is an exclusively digital comic art magazine which features some of the world’s finest sequential art creators. V For Vendetta co-creator David Lloyd has gathered together top talents from the US, UK, France, Belgium, Spain, Italy, China, New Zealand and the Philippines in this unique publishing project.


Agenda Book Shop

Agimat Comics

Agimat Comics is a collection of stories and characters in 2D and 3D available online for free. Providing content to publishers. Licensing is available soon for merchandise.

Arcadia Comics & Games

Lo staff di Arcadia Comics&Games si è riunito per la prima volta nel dicembre del 2012 per creare e dare inizio a questa avventura.
Non mollando mai abbiamo formato un gruppo compatto che piano piano è riuscito ad andare avanti, insieme, nonostante i numerosi ostacoli e le interminabili salite.
E adesso siamo qui, a presentarvi il nostro Salone, che abbiamo costruito con tantissima voglia di fare e con un obbiettivo primario: il DIVERTIMENTO.
Siamo ragazzi come tanti, che avevano un grande sogno da realizzare… e lo stiamo rendendo realtà!

Asian Studies Group

Asian Studies Group was officially born in the October 2007 as specialized research facility, supported by academically trained staff, working in the field of Eastern Asia, specifically China, Japan and Korea.

The project originated in a systematic way after years of free activity and passionate research by students and supporters coming from the University of Milan (Cultural and Linguistic Mediation school and Statesmanship schools) and linguistic training facilities regarding Japan and China.

Asociación Española de Amigos del Cómic

Asociacion Espanola de Amigos del Comic

AtoZ Electronics Malta: Laptops, Computers and parts, HDTVs, Digital Cameras, Hard Drives, and much more!

AtoZ Electronics
PAVI Shopping Complex
Manwel Dimech Street
Qormi QRM 9061
tel: (356) 2731-9444, 7731-9444

Monday to Friday: 9:00 to 13:00 and 14:00 to 19:00
Saturday: 9:00 to 18:00

Aw Tribu

We at Aw Tribu! have been trading with less developed countries over the last two years, dealing directly with artisans, thus ensuring they earn fair prices for their work whilst using sustainable resources. Concurrently, we do our utmost in promoting the local tradition and culture behind the crafts and their makers.

We work with an ‘all win’ motto – the artisans benefit by becoming self-sustainable through their work, in countries where they would otherwise be compelled to work long hours in dire conditions for a pittance; the environment benefits from the use of easily sustainable, eco-friendly materials; and our customers are offered an alternative, trendy choice.

British Council

The British Council creates international opportunities for the people of the UK and other countries and builds trust between them worldwide.

Cas In Sarcasm

Cas in Sarcasm has been in “production” for several years, however as nothing more than a concept design collecting dust. But, during Adam’s 2nd year and Samwel’s 1st year in University, the two met during a joint project amongst several students. The idea was to launch a University magazine and it intended to include a comic strip to come out with each issue. This is where writer and illustrator met for the first time.

Sadly, the magazine never made it out of its planning phase and was subsequently dropped. But the comic had forged ahead on its own steam.

Cas in Sarcasm is a comedy/drama which intends to focus on the lives of Cas Manners and all those around him. Not every strip centers around witty punch lines or embarrassing situations (though most do) since life itself has an equal stake of the dramatic.

Each colorful character has their own secrets, wants, fears and desires and as the story progresses they get revealed, while more mysteries rise to the surface.

Charlene Bennett

When Its Right Infront Of You…

Cloudscape Comics Society

The Cloudscape Comics Society is a coalition of indie comic book creators and enthusiasts centered in Metro Vancouver. We publish an anthology of comics every year and foster a community where British Columbian comic creators can network with each other while developing their craft and continuing to push the boundaries of the comic book medium.

Comic Bastards

Comic Bastards’ goal is a simple one: To help comic book readers of all kinds discover the world of comics, but most important of all indie comics. Comics can be a difficult and intimating world to find a place in as a new reader. There are tons of question and hurdles that can arise when one is questing for a great book or series to start with. Add the unknown facet that is the indie realm and things can get downright overwhelming. Please understand that we do enjoy the products that the ‘Big Two’ release but there is something very special about indie comic book culture that can’t be ignored.

With that in mind we want to lend a hand and help fans and recommend some books that we think are amazing. By doing so we will tell you our honest opinion and we’ll never attempt to ‘sugar coat’ our feelings towards something for whatever reason. We just want everyone to experience great comics.

To encompass this we use a brand of humor and antics that we hope you’ll enjoy. From our diverse reviews that span every spectrum of comic genre, to our spin on news stories that contain tons of opinions and humor. Honestly, at the end of the day we really do love the industry that we mock, poke fun at and criticize. It’s tough love in the best way possible.

Comic Bits Online

THE UKs LARGEST INDEPENDENT COMICS PUBLISHER Between 1984-1994 I worked freelance as a writer/artist/editor/agent in comics as well as comics journalism for MU Press,Blue Comet Press,Fantagraphic Books,Eros Comics,Dorne,Fleetway,IPC and others in the United States,UK and Europe. During this period I also produced large numbers of single panel gag cartoons for agencies in Germany such as Boiselle-Lohmann and Baaske Agency these going to magazines and publications around Europe. I also worked as a freelance editor in comics and publications ranging from wildlife,astronomy and science fiction magazines. From 1984 to present I’ve been self publishing comics as well as publications on a wide variety of subjects under the Black Tower banner. I have also produced packages of work for companies in India,Hong Kong and China. I have also been working as an industry advisor for smaller companies in countries such as India,Canada,Singapore,China,Europe and the US. hoopercomicsuk@yahoo.com


The Department of English Student Association (DESA) at the University of Malta acts as a link between the student body and the Department of English, with the aim of generating an active cultural environment on campus from which students and member can benefit. DESA also helps facilitate the organisation of events and activities put forth by the Department itself.

Since its inception and its official launch on the 17th October 2006, DESA has organised a significant number of high quality events relating to the fields of literature, culture and the humanities in general. Academic and social activities and initiatives organised, co-organised or initiated by DESA have been consistently popular with students and external audiences. DESA also facilitates the publication of student research and writing material related to its field with the establishing of its online peer-reviewed journal, TEXT. These initiatives are aimed to satisfy DESA's broader mission to elevate and promote the status of the humanities. At the Departmental level, DESA initiated and integrated a streamlined Student Representative system so that channels of communication between the Department, students and DESA remain always available and accessible.

Dean Fenech

Dean Fenech

Department of Information

The Department of Information aims to provide the public with up-to-date, comprehensive and meaningful information on Government policies, services and activities as well as on matters of public interest.

Diego Publishing

We are a family run, London-based independent publishing house, operating since 2012.
We are dedicated to discovering the unheard voices and unseen masterpieces that are everywhere around us (who knows, you may be one!), and to pushing our selection of fantasy literature amongst a world of literary giants that, due to their sheer size and monetary inclinations, often depart from the true essence of wonderment that defines our favourite genres!
In this time, we have introduced a number of literary and graphic novels by renowned Italian authors, as well as a flagship magazine that takes readers deep into the Kingdoms of fantasy, steampunk and science-fiction. We have received great feed back from various industry professionals, and introduced our company to the public at the MCM Comic Con. and World Fantasy Convention in late 2013.
We appreciate the advances in publishing technology, and present most of, if not all of our publications in both paper and electronic formats.

Happy surfing and enjoy!

Giuseppe and Marcella Pennestri’, and Denise Di Prima!

DieGo Comics Publishing Ltd
Registration number: 83 020 89
VAT: 159 35 04 96
77 Gransden House

downthetubes: British Comics News, Interviews and Features

DownTheTubes was originally created to be a resource base for people seeking comics artists and writers but has mushroomed over the years to deliver British comics news, interviews and other features.

Dynamite Entertainemnt

Dynamite Entertainment
113 Gaither Dr, STE 205
Mt. Laurel, NJ 08054
United States of America

Enemy Transmission

Enemy Transmission started as the brainchild of two sick, sick individuals Eric Attio and Mike Kuty. Eric was a streetwise Brooklyn heartbreaker and Mike was a starry-eyed country boy from Virginia.

The two met in 1995 in an acting class in New York City and the world would never be the same. Well, more or less the same, but you get the picture. It didn’t take this duo long to put their heads together and they started coming up with stories, some of which flickered out, but some of them took on a life of their own.

Ever since that time, they began to eye the possibility of creating their own entertainment company. Enemy Transmission is the culmination of their efforts. Actually, it’s just the beginning. Eric and Mike realize that they still have a long way to go and neither of them claims to have reinvented the wheel (although Mike has been working on something in his basement late at night…), but they hope to tell stories that offer people the escapism we all seek when we crack open a book or watch a movie.

So sit back and enjoy God knows these two yuckleheads and their very talented, very sane artistic friends have had a blast bringing these stories to you!

Enemy Transmission Get the Message.

Etna Comics

A yearly comic convention held at Catania, Sicily. Etna Comics sports various activities related to comic art, films, games, cosplays and more! Etna Comics 2014 will be held on the 6,7,8th June.

First Comic News

United States Offices: FIRST COMICS NEWS 12973 Saddleback Place, Chino, California, United States of America 91710-3384
Canadian Offices/Bureaux du Canada: FIRST COMICS NEWS 29 Janice Ann Dr, Eastern Passage, Nova Scotia, Canada B3G 1A6
European Offices: FIRST COMICS NEWS 5/64 Longridge Road, London, United Kingdom SW5 9SH

Frozen Light Comics

What happened to all the fun? When did comics for all ages become such a bad thing? Comics creators used to produce stories that entertained the youngest readers while keeping the older ones intrigued and surprised as well. And they did for 50-60 years and more!
With NORTHERN ADVENTURE QUARTERLY, I hope to create action-packed stories filled with high-flying adventure, thrills, suspense, and tons of fun, for readers of all ages. And who knows, if I’m lucky, I hope to inspire both adults and kids alike to drape a towel over their shoulders so they can join forces in battling the monsters and villains of their imaginations, all within the safety of their own backyards and neighborhoods.
Have fun and… DREAM BIG!


Heritage Malta

Heritage Malta

Ian Churchill’s Marineman

Follow the journey of Marineman from celebrated marine biologist and TV presenter to sea-breathing marine superhero as Ian (Hulk, Supergirl) Churchill’s critically acclaimed Marineman series is collected into one feature-filled volume packed with bonus material and a foreword by industry legend and Watchmen co-creator, Dave Gibbons!

In Motion

Photo / Video animated shows, Video Editing, Scanning of photos with red eye removal.

Mons. Pawlu Mallia street
Il-Gudja, Malta
7905 2225

IndieComiX – Home

At IndieComix, our goal is goal is to provide the fans with information regarding all the fresh and best new independent comics on the market today. Ranging from the big power house indie companies to the small lesser well knowns still trying to make their mark on the industry and possibly boasting tomorrow’s next break-out talent!

So don’t miss out on a single bit of news and reviews so you can know what to get as it gets here! As well as covering fundraiser projects!

Italian Cultural Institute

Istituto Italiano di Cultura di La Valletta
Vecchia Cancelleria, Piazza S. Giorgio, Valletta
VLT 1190
Telefono: +356 21221462 Fax: +356 21220548
Email: iiclavalletta@esteri.it


With its large array of shops, catering establishments, entertainment venues and culture, Malta’s Capital City has what it takes to capture people’s imagination. Research has shown that for this to happen, Valletta needs to be marketed as one, integrated concept.

Mediacoop have teamed up with Bit Solutions to launch the iValletta.com project , and have been developing it together for the past two years.

The principal aims of the iValletta.com project are:

1. To contribute in making Valletta regain its status as a veritable hub of activity

2. To converge the needs of Valletta’s businesses and organizations with their customers/users

3. To enhance Valletta to the user as an integrated experience

4. Organise and support innovative ideas and projects in the Capital

The iValletta.com project is a first for Valletta. The portal brings together all that Valletta can offer to the user, making use of one of the most important media available: online. The portalprovides a vital link between businesses, cultural organizations, and the user. It is an easy-to-use, up-to-date interface providing quality content, which is updated regularly. The project makes use of a vast array of marketing tools, including full integration with social media. This enhances the user’s experience by means of increased online interactivity.


Comic creator Johnny Jaye’s Blog

La France à Malte

La France à Malte – Ambassade de France à La Valette

League of Cosplay

League of Cosplay is an International Circuit whose aim is to create a
common space for all those cosplayers and cosplay fans, which, with the aid
of an online platform and a series of events affiliated with the League
itself, will create a fun competition between people from all over the
world. Through the standardization of the rules of affiliated contests, the
introduction of a specific number of awards, which, thanks to our many
sponsors, will be extremely desirable for our contestants, League of Cosplay
will make the contests you will participate in, the best you can ask for.
The League will also give the chance for everyone to get in touch with other
cosplay enthusiasts, via a community full of info, articles and a set of
vendors with discounted prices for those registered with the League.

League of Cosplay aims to be a space dedicated to cosplayers, made by
cosplayers, within which the wishes and dreams of all fans of costuming can
find their realization.

League of Cosplay – Compete for the sake of fun!

Malta Tourism Authority

Malta Tourism Authority Corporate Website

Midichlorians Sicily

The Midichlorians Light Saber Academy was born on the 6th February 2013 after many months of preparations and studies by the original founding members.
Constructed as the first Light Saber Academy in Sicily, it opened its doors to the new members since its first week of inception at their premises in Catania.

Modern Age Comics

“An informal name for the period in the history of mainstream American comic books generally considered to last from the mid-1980s until present day.”

Modern Age Comics is an opinionated comics blog based out of the east coast. Here you will find pictures, news, art, videos, our reviews, previews, purchases, giveaways, cosplay, con coverage, along with all things with relevance to our current era of superheroes and comic books. Every Wednesday we post the comics we pulled and shortly after post reviews. Now if there are any questions about anything we are reading or posted or even just a general comic question feel free to message or email us. #macomics

Many posts on this blog are the property of its respective owners. All content viewed on this page was attained from all kinds of public sources, which is in public domain. We do not claim to own any exclusive rights. Banner art by Bryan Taylor, Logo design by Lisa Weiss, Reviews by Alex Moser, Facebook page lead by Eric Grella, on duty tech support Dmitri Turnbull. All posts on all formats of this blog are permitted by founder/producer Kyle W. Faucher.


Modix Modica,
Vi aspettiamo ad agosto a Marina di Modica!
Ricchi premi per i contest cosplay, games ed altro!
Giochi, fumetti, cinema… e tanto altro!


Il MODIX è un festival del cosplay, del cinema di animazione e del fumetto organizzato dall'Associazione Bau Setti partner nella rete "Officina Kreativa Modica".

L’idea del festival nasce dalla volontà di promuovere la pratica del cosplay e momenti culturali dedicati al cinema di animazione e al fumetto. Il festival si propone inoltre di diventare un importante momento di aggregazione e socializzazione legato soprattutto alla diffusione di nuovi hobby, oltre a quelli già citati, coinvolgeremo anche il mondo del videogames, dei giochi di carte e tanto altro ancora.

Il festival si tiene da due anni a Modica (Sicilia sud – orientale) e dall'anno scorso ha scelto una location vicino al mare: Marina di Modica.

Negli anni precedenti il festival ha coinvolto numerosi giovani e rivalutato nuovi spazi (musei, giardini, piazze…) proponendo in particolare film d'animazione giapponese. Accanto alle retrospettive dedicate al cinema, il festival ha dedicato molto spazio ai contest cosplay, alle mostre di fumetti, ai giochi di ruolo e agli incontri culturali, non tralasciando i laboratori e le attività per i più giovani.

Il MODIX è giunto alla sua terza edizione ed è sempre stato organizzato con le forze dei volontari e con l'assistenza logistica del Comune di Modica.
La terza edizione si svolgerà dal 23 al 25 Agosto, Vi aspettiamo! ;)

Condividete la pagina tra i vostri amici, ve ne saremo grati!! ;)

23 e 24 agosto: biglietto 3 € (promozione speciale per l'inaugurazione)
24 agosto: biglietto 3€
25 agosto: biglietto 3€
abbonamento alle 3 giornate: 5 €

N.A.S Studios

N.A.S Studios, Comics, Publishing, NAS Studios, David Sandoval

Orbital Comics

Address: 8 Great Newport Street, City of Westminster, WC2H 7, United Kingdom
Phone: 020 7240 0591
Sun 11:30am-5pm
Mon-Wed, Fri-Sat 10:30am-7pm
Thu 10:30am-7:30pm

Pop Culture Hound

Pop Culture Hound

Santana Hotel

Ideally located Four Star Qawra Hotel. Official Site. Book Now!

Shadow Candy

Shadow Candy is about the adventures of our ninjas. Follow Hiro, Kaz, Sayaka and more characters as they go on with their daily ninja lives.

Some Guys One Mic

First launched back in 2009, Some Guys One Mic (SGOM) started off as an amateur gaming podcast to be enjoyed by gamers and geeks alike. With the launch of the second season, Some Guys One Mic introduced their website, offering the gaming public unbiased games reviews, and news. Prior to Season 3, SGOM launched an RSS Feed which made it available for everyone to stream or download the show through RSS on Android, Zune, Windows, and Apple products! After the RSS feed was launched, The Some Guys One Mic show was officially the first Maltese Podcast to be published on the iTunes Store and Player.fm. In 2012 the website was redesigned and the decision was taken to re-launch the podcast series in English. Marking their fourth anniversary owner and founder, Matthew Cesareo, launched his first Web Comic, titled, ‘˜Suddenly Beards…Everywhere’, and in 2014, the website was yet again redesigned offering the users a better interface, faster loading times, more social features, and a more modern look.

Speech Balloons

The latest word on comics in the Midlands

St James Cavalier | Centre for Creativity

St James Cavalier, Centre for Creativity first opened its doors to the public on the 22nd September 2000.
As the Maltese Government’s Millennium Project it has taken on the role of pushing forward Malta’s cultural aspirations.

With a strong commitment to supporting the contemporary creative scene, the Centre’s philosophy is to also take in, reflect and support the country’s traditional and historical heritage and culture.

Housed in a 16th Century fort, the Centre is home to a small theatre-in-the-round, an arthouse cinema, a chamber music room and galleries.

St James Cavalier, Centre for Creativity has welcomed both local and foreign artists, writers, singers and actors, dancers, musicians as well as thinkers, scientists and other creators. It has staged operas and premiered plays, held major exhibitions of contemporary pieces as well as past masters.

It runs courses for adults and children and has been enjoyed for over a million visitors in the past 10 years.

T Pub

At TPub we believe in quality comics. It is our mission to change the way people view comics (especially in the UK) and to get more people to read this incredible medium. We started properly in 2012 and have trailing a blaze in the industry since. Our first very book (Twisted Dark) reached number 1 on the UK Kindle chart and we have plenty of new titles in the works.

The Web Comic Factory

The Webcomic Factory is the brainchild of creators Christian Beranek and Tony DiGerolamo. Both creators worked in print comics for many years. An early advocate of webcomics, Tony convinced his friend Christian that webcomics were the way of the future. Together, they created this webcomic “hub” of high quality comics from a variety of artists. The comics you see on the main site are all creations of Christian and Tony and they have had a hand in working with some of the affiliated content as well.

The concept of the Webcomic Factory is to create a professional hub of quality comic entertainment. It’s like a digital version of the funny pages in a newspaper mixed with traditional comics, Japanese Manga and European styles. Christian and Tony look forward to creating new comics for you every day – including weekends.

Our fans at Pokerlistings, which is a poker guide, love our webcomics and emailed us this nice note: “All of us here love reading web comics during slow days in the office (most days), and The Webcomic Factory is simply an awesome resource. It is also my personal favorite. Thanks for all your hard work putting it together! -Mariah” Thanks Mariah. Now just tell me how win in Texas Hold ’em okay?

Time Bomb Comics

Time Bomb Comics is a British comics company that only publishes one-shots and graphic novels. From historical horror to mind-bending science-fiction each release is a complete story by talented creators.

Based in Birmingham, England, Time Bomb Comics was created in September 2007 and is about one simple thing – good solid comic book entertainment.

From exciting newcomers to established professionals our artists and writers are united with a single aim – Telling Great Stories.

Therefore you can expect comics released under the Time Bomb Comics banner to be wide and diverse in theme, genre and format, and with only a single limitation – the imagination of our creative teams.

Top Shelf Productions

Top Shelf Productions

Vee Gee Bee

Vee Gee Bee Wholesale Limited
2 South Court, Vjal ir-Rihan, San Gwann SGN05 MALTA

Opening Hours:
Mon to Fri: 07:30 to 17:30
Sat: 8:00 to 11:00
Tel: (+356) 21389690 / (+356) 21381380
Fax: (+356) 21382204
Email: info@vgb.com.mt

Video Game People

The site was originally known as LucidLAN.com which was founded in 2004 by a group of videogame fans. The site grew locally and then it was getting a very good international exposure. Lucidlan was also the group behind the great VunderLAN parties which were very accepted by the players and the media. Three LAN parties were organized and they were a great success for us and the participants, offering great prizes and fun.

By time LucidLAN was having a great exposure on the international side and made a lot of connections. It was then decided that the name should be changed to Videogamepeople.com which is more suited for the work that we do. We love videogames and we stride to give an honest and non-biased review about the games in the videogame industry.


Our mission at W.A.R.S. is to promote Role-playing and Wargaming in all their forms. People from various walks of life and age groups share this thrilling hobby and meet on a regular basis at our premises; as mighty generals of vast armies they confront each other or team up into a party to explore dungeons, investigate murders or even become vampires!

Close to our magnificent capital, in the quarters formerly known as ‘balzunetta’, lies our stronghold. The premises offers tabletops for would be generals to test their mettle on, rooms dedicated to role-playing and even a recreation area where one can sit down and discuss ongoing events, past events or organise future ones.

Wargaming interests include Warhammer fantasy battles, 40K, Historical, Napoleonics, WWII, Confrontation, Warmachine, Hordes, Necromunda, Bloodbowl, Gorka Morka, Batlle fleet gothic, Man-o-war, Ancients and any other system which might strike our fancy!

Rolplaying interests could be said to be limited only by the participants imagination. From being a Vampire to living in the future, past or alternate present. Systems used are both published ones such as World of Darkness, D20, Pendragon, Runequest and others to completely new systems created by inventive game masters!

We are proud to state that though our mutual hobby is a binding factor, we have also evolved long lasting friendships and our activities also include BBQs, Dinners, Pick-nicks, nights out and other offsite fun not related to our hobby.

Our doors are open to anyone interested in our hobby and wants to meet new opponents and party members. The premises are open most days of the week after 6 and on Saturdays from 9 onwards.

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