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Aleksander Gajewski


Maltese Minecraft Community started on 1st May 2011 by two students aiming to spread the love and fun exciting things you can do in Minecraft to everyone in Malta. Just after few days MinecraftMalta Group got recognized and shared by a Maltese Gaming Community LanThrax and thanks to them the word went around fast.After almost 2 years (almost 3!) our community is still growing strong and hopefully will continue for years to come. As of now we are hosting 6 top notch servers for Minecraft specially for all the Maltese free of charge.We often do videos with our team and livestreams for the entertainment of others. We also look forward into expanding our community further. We love to be part of different events since we can spread the word about Minecraft as well as have fun!If anyone wants us to be part of event we would gladly join in, simply contact us at our Facebook Page (Message Us) or else contact Alex Gajewski (Owner) on Facebook or at we will gladly come with our team and participate in any event.Server IP: s.minecraftmalta.netWebsite:

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