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Hi my name is Ashley Eric Peschel and I enjoy long walks in the park and romantic comedies….wait a minute this isn’t my profile!!! Ok so this is my profile for the Artists Ally on the Malta comic con page, so where do I start….ok well first things first I am not an Artists not because I don’t want to be, as I think it’s really cool to be able to draw amazing pictures, not to mention really hot chicks. Therefore it is pretty funny being featured on this page, however one thing I am is a self confessed geek, I love comics, movies, cartoons, books and video games. So let’s get the ass kissing out of the way, I am honored to be on this page. Ok that’s out of the way, so a little info on me, I am now getting into my mid-thirties, so I am an 80’s kid, and therefore you will hear me moan a lot about how cartoons were much better back when I was young! For god’s sake people we had He-man, Thundercats, Mask, TMNT, GI Joe and of course the mother of them all TRANSFORMERS!!! (Yes I left the caps lock on!!!) I have always been fascinated with movies, and used to set up my toys as actors and make loads and loads of different “Movies” and I dreamed about being a movie director/writer when I grew up….however reality set in and I found out that it was very difficult to get into the film industry in Malta, as there weren’t any course you could take at the time (Dame you MCAST!!!) therefore I decided to move on and try to be a writer, however the same thing happened…so I said “Sod it!” and gave up (Loser!!).So fast-forward 15-20 years and I am here writing up my profile for the Malta comic-con page, so what happened you may ask (That is if your still reading, and if you are I thank you, if not then well you’re not reading this either so why am I bothering with you). Well here is what happened, and before you send me out to “The Cursed Earth” I know this is going to sound like some Danielle Steel novel, however it’s the truth, (You can’t handle the truth!!!) (You know I think I have got to stop adding things in brackets)) So here goes, I got married and had a little girl named Amy Jo (who I named after Amy Pond from Doctor Who). Then one day I decided to tell Amy a story and I remembered how much I used to love making up stories and writing, so why not give it another shot….So here I am not as an artist, as mentioned (although you have probably forgotten by now) however as a writer! as I am currently working on my first graphic novel STEAM: Island Under Siege, with art by the fantastic Peter Magro. So hopefully that will be out soon, I am also writhing a number of novels, half of which I will not finish and the other half I will, however these will be rejected by publishers. So anyway I look forward to seeing you all at comic-con, so please come by and have a chat and let us know what you think of STEAM and any other stuff.Oh and please like our facebook page Eric Peschel Allons-y!!!

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