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GNLM is an NGO and youth organisation with the aim to promote the educational side of comics. We aim to introduce graphic novels and comics into libraries and schools to promote literacy and make education fun by using subjects and characters that students can relate to.Mission Statement:Education through Comics and Pop Culture.Description:

    To promote Literacy and Information Literacy tools through comics and graphic novels.
    To promote cultural awareness in other mediums such as Films, Arts and Literature.
    To have a place where educators or interested parties can meet and discuss topics of interest that fall under the “Geek” or “Nerd” labels while connecting and engaging people with similar interests.
    To create a space to share thoughts.
    To be a resource to teachers, parents, academics, etc…. aiding people to better understand the comics culture and how they can use comics to educate or teach skills that are essential to a National Literacy Framework.
    To assist in presentations, discussions and organise workshops to students and educators alike on how comics, films, arts, literature can be used as an educational tool in any related subject.
    To promote local artists who want to collaborate with us in creating a market for comics, films and art produced locally.

For more information check out our Facebook page or send an email at gnlmalta@gmail.com

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