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Jeanelle Zammit


She is an artist specifying mostly in illustration. Usually makes comics with Bernard Micallef under the title of “Putamin Comics”. She has always been inspired by manga and her style is definitely a reflection of this. She’s still in search to form her specific style, whilst trying too many styles and getting lost along too many paths. A girl who loves living life at her own pace and prefers the “olden days” to the chaotic modern life. She loves animals and has 0 resistance to fluffy cuteness or creatures. She enjoys a good book (especially a comic book), a good piece of music (mostly orchestrals) and chocolate. She dreams a lot, although growing up has forced her to cut on the day-dreaming!deviantart; http://natsume-1990.deviantart.comPutamin Comics/RPGB: ] her for a sketch at the Malta Comic Con! :)

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