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Redeemer Caruana


Redd’s passion lies in telling a story – whether it be in writing, graphics or game. He is self-taught in programming, a skill he has found useful in terms of expression. Pursuing a course in Computing, and later in Interactive Media, his talents were refined into what they currently are, although he is always positive there is more room for improvement.His main goal is to break into the world of computer gaming – with a project set for release within the coming months.[size=200]Comics[/size][size=125]Bob.[/size]The first series of shorts created during the rush of preparation for the 2011 Convention. A one-page three-panel comic strip details a short moment of a humble character’s life.[size=125]Bad Shadow[/size]A CG-comic spread created as part of an assignment for his course in Interactive Media, serving as a teaser for a project to be released at a later date.—[size=200]Favorites[/size]Games: Suikoden, Portal, Assassin’s CreedBooks: The Abhorsen TrilogyComics: Suikoden III (Successor of Fate), Case ClosedAnime: Magical Doremi, Sailor MoonA portfolio of works can be found at:

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