Escape. Mutate. Destroy

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Unleash your inner beast as you battle through BioBeasts! Get our newest single-player arcade-survival mobile game now for yourAndroid and iOS mobile device.
YOU are — a scythe-armed Kraken-spawn? … a lava spitting salamander? …or a demented bunny in a giant mech suit? Whatever you are, you are a powerful mutant beast battling to escape a terrifying laboratory run by merciless mechanical guards. Fight, claw, bite, blast, and bash your way to freedom through robots, lab defenses, and hulking bosses!


  • Unlock multiple Beasts!
  • Use Incredible Beast Powers to devastate your foes and clear a path to freedom!
  • Master 3 difficulty modes!
  • Experiment with powerful Mutations!
  • Defeat 20+ enemies, including a vicious final boss!
  • Coming soon: challenges, endless mode, new beasts, leaderboards, and more!
BioBeasts on Any Device

BioBeasts is a hit! See what players from around the world have to say

– Mark F.
Another hit the newest game in a series that just keeps on growing and I hope doesn’t stop

– Edward H.
Great game Great game. Very retro and hard while still being original at the same time. The animations and attacks look sleek and smooth and gameplay is clear and challenging.

– Tom K.
This is all my girlfriend does. When i came to visit her, she’s just playing this game. When we’re watching a movie, she’s just playing this game. When i’m trying to snuggle with her on the couch she turns away and says “one more level!”. Pretty much 10/10

– Matt J.
Very fun! All the fun, great visuals, and smooth gameplay I’ve come to expect from Artix!

– Tiffany K.
Not a game I would typically play, but, WOW, good fun, and I’m happy to share it with my kids, too!

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BioBeasts Beasts
BioBeasts delivers lightning-fast old-school arcade action. You won’t find any lame timers, annoying ads, or social gimmicks that infest the mobile game stores. With BioBeasts, you can play as much as you want, whenever you want.
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Thank you to everyone downloading BioBeasts on this opening week, rating us five stars, and giving us great feedback so we can continue improving the game.

Artix BioBeasts Team
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