Entertainment Weekly unveils our new season!

The good folks at Entertainment Weekly talked with our own Chris Staros and Leigh Walton to get the inside scoop on what’s ahead for Top Shelf this year! Take your first look at those gorgeous covers and get excited for:

  • Come Again, the major new solo graphic novel from Nate Powell, winner of the National Book Award (Appearing this weekend at the American Library Assocation Midwinter Meeting to make his first public remarks about it!)

  • Gumballs, collecting the first published memoir comics by an out transgender cartoonist

  • Book Two of the brilliant “social justice superhero” webcomic Strong Female Protagonist

  • Two lovely new editions from the legendary Alan Moore, plus the beginning of his & Kevin O’Neill‘s last hurrah with The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

  • A throwback thrill-ride with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles co-creator Kevin Eastman

  • And much more… including the four new gems below!

All with exclusive commentary from Chris & Leigh. Check it out, only on EW!

Check in to a mind-bending mystery in CLOUD HOTEL!


Praise for Julian Hanshaw:
“Understated, wryly observed, and welcome.” – Dave McKean
“Exquisitely realized. Deeply rewarding.” – Booklist(starred review)
“Awe-inspiring… Emotive subject matter tackled with grace and serenity.” – Broken Frontier
“One of the best written pieces of graphic novel fiction I have read this year.” – Page 45

Remco knows he is special. He was chosen. God took a shine to him, after a bright light in a clear northern sky brought Remco to the incredible Cloud Hotel, a wondrous place that he never wants to leave. But Remco has outstayed his welcome… and it’s time to check out.

LA Times Book Prize finalist Julian Hanshaw (Tim Ginger) returns with another feast of visual imagination and emotional intensity that will haunt readers’ dreams long after the book is closed.

Cloud Hotel by Julian Hanshaw (MAY 2018)
$19.99 (US) – ISBN 978-1-60309-425-2 – Diamond: FEB180480 – For mature readers (16+)
Full-color softcover graphic novel with flaps – 160 pages
Read a 4-page preview now and pre-order from your favorite retailer!

Diesel-powered daring in THE JEKYLL ISLAND CHRONICLES!

In Book Two of this alt-history adventure, Peter, Helen and the rest of Carnegie’s “Special” would like nothing more than to return to normalcy along with the rest of the country — especially after defeating their enemies in Book One.  But the anarchists have other plans.  Luigi Galleani and the Zeno cabal reach out across Europe and across the Atlantic to wreak havoc, divide the enemy, build an army, and capture plans for the world’s deadliest weapon.  If they are to be stopped, the tiny group of heroes from Jekyll will need to find new resolve, new resources and new allies — and do it all before Nikola Tesla’s most terrible creation is unleashed.

The Jekyll Island Chronicles (Book Two): A Devil’s Reach
Written by Steve Nedvidek, Ed Crowell, & Jack Lowe. Illustrated by Moses Nester, with colors by S. J. Miller.

(MAY 2018)

$19.99 (US) – ISBN 978-1-60309-426-9 – Diamond: FEB180481 – For young adults and up (13+)
Full-color softcover graphic novel with French Flaps, – 168 pages
Read a 4-page preview now and pre-order from your favorite retailer!

Transforming, technology, & time travel in JOHNNY BOO #8!

“Fun for kids of all ages. It’s AWESOME!”- DJ Lance Rock, host of Nick Jr’s Yo Gabba Gabba!

“Perfect for beginning readers.”- Publishers Weekly

“Johnny Boo is sweet without being sugary and comfortably familiar yet fresh on every page.” – School Library Journal

Johnny Boo creates an incredible Ice Cream Computer that can turn anything into delicious ice cream. Old toys that you don’t want to play with anymore? Ice cream! Clods of dirt and grass? Ice cream! It works great… until Squiggle decides to turn himself into ice cream! Then: Johnny Boo time travels to the future, where the Mean Little Boy tries to add him to his butterfly collection. Can Squiggle save the day, or will everyone get turned into ice cream??

Johnny Boo and the Ice Cream Computer by James Kochalka (JUNE 2018)
$9.99 (US) – ISBN 978-1-60309-435-1 – Diamond: FEB180484 – For all ages (4-8+)
Full-color hardcover graphic novel – 40 pages
Read a 4-page preview now and pre-order from your favorite retailer!

Jaw-dropping genius in the collected COIN-OP COMICS!

“It’s official: Coin-Op is the most wonderful new comic series you haven’t heard about yet.” – Paul Constant, The Seattle Review of Books

“Peter and Maria Hoey are among the very best illustrators in comics.” – Rob Clough, High-Low

This first-ever collection by the award-winning team of siblings Peter and Maria Hoey encompasses the very best of their inventive and mysterious comics. The compilation ranges from the Hoeys’ early comics in Blab! Magazine to their groundbreaking newest series, Coin-Op. All in all, it’s more than twenty short stories and vignettes – about music and film, the comic and the absurd, the past and the future – all sparkling with innovative storytelling and design.

Coin-Op Comics by Maria & Peter Hoey (JUNE 2018) 
$29.99 (US) – ISBN 978-1-60309-427-6 – Diamond: FEB180483 – For mature readers (16+)
Full-color hardcover graphic novel / collection- 10″ x 8.5″ (landscape) – 196 pages
Read a 4-page preview now and pre-order from your favorite retailer!

MARCH museum exhibits in San Francisco and New York!

Nate Powell‘s original art from the groundbreaking March trilogy is on the road!

In San Francisco, the Cartoon Art Museum‘s exhibit “MARCH: A Graphic History of the Civil Rights Movement” runs now through June 19th. And in New York City, the Society of Illustrators has just announced “The Art of MARCH: A Civil Rights Masterpiece” to open February 28 and run through June 30.

Museum-goers on both coasts will get a chance to see the award-winning work of Congressman John Lewis, Andrew Aydin, and Nate Powell like never before, up close and at full scale.

Check the links above for details on both exhibits, including a host of special events! For starters, you can join Nate Powell tomorrow night in San Francisco…

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