Titan Comics sent across some amazing artwork from their upcoming new Statix Press title, Dead Life #1!

Hitting comic stores this July, Dead Life tells the story of Stephen, who unknowingly drinks from a cursed chalice that he finds in his grandparents’ attic – and unwittingly turns the world into an undead nightmare!

Kicking off with an oversized issue, Dead Life #1 (written by Jean-Charles Gaudin, with art by Joan Urgell) is The Walking Dead meet supernatural and features a stunning cover “A” by the legendary Mike Norton (Revival, Battlepug)!



Writer Jean-Charles Gaudin
Artist Joan Urgell
FC, 56pp, $5.99, On Sale: July 18, 2018

It’s The Walking Dead Meets Supernatural!

Cover By Mike Norton (Revival, Battlepug)

The Worldwide Zombie Epidemic Has Arrived. When Steven Unknowingly Drinks From A Cursed Chalice He Finds In His Grandparents’ Attic, He Has No Idea That His Actions Will Have Dire Consequences… Turning The World Into An Undead Nightmare!

Cover A: Mike Norton

Cover B: Joan Urgell


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