Launching on Kickstarter is FETCH: AN ODYSSEY created and written by seven-year-old Evangeline “Evie” Dunn, and co-created and co-written by father Martin Dunn (Joshua Black, Project Overwatch), co-creator and artist Derrick Fish (Dandy & Co., The Wellkeeper) and colorist Gab Contreras Rondón (Mighty Titan, Knight’s Landing).

Written by seven-year-old Evie Dunn, FETCH: AN ODYSSEY combines the depth of Greek mythology with modern all-ages storytelling. It is a comic that seeks to explore the mind of a child who has just lost her beloved dog, Rosco. Upon discovering that Rosco is actually being held captive by Zeus on Mount Olypmus, seven-year-old Evie decides that she will stop at nothing to get her dog back. Even if that means facing the pantheon of Greek gods and a slew of mythological creatures.

Evie’s adventures truly take her on a wondrous journey through Greek mythology, as she must cross an ocean and face Poseidon, race with Hermes, negotiate with Hades, take Ares to task, gather Titans under her banner and ultimately climb Mount Olympus. Although the journey is epic, and the material impressive, the heart and soul of this story is all about how a little girl copes with the loss of a loved one, and truly shows how that love drives her all the way to the top of Mount Olympus to face off with Zeus himself.

This 48 page graphic novel may be a standalone story, but there is a richness of character and a depth of story captured within its pages. That richness shows just how much a story straight from the heart of a seven-year-old girl can accomplish. If you love Greek mythology, adventure, fun, and heart-warming comic goodness you will certainly love FETCH: AN ODYSSEY.

Backers of FETCH: AN ODYSSEY have a wide variety of rewards to choose from, including copies of the book, tee shirts, prints, having their likeness drawn into the book and much more.

The Kickstarter can be found at:

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