THE FIRST EVER Kirkham art book! Featuring over 13 years of comic book art, commissions, sketches, concept and graphic art. 272 pages!

And only 8 days left to show Tyler Kirkham that a second successful project is in the pocket! After his massively successful project on adopting a very special child, Tyler is now going back to his roots and showing his all !

After being in the world of Comics for over 13 years and art world for even longer, it’s about time artist Tyler Kirkham compiled his amazing collection of work into a big beautiful hard cover art book!!

Tyler has worked on books like Green Lantern Corps, Action comics, Superman/Batman, Amazing Spider Man, Ultimate Fantastic four, X-Men Phoenix Warsong, Tomb Raider, The Darkness, and a hand full of others! Tyler has never put out a sketch/art book of his own, so this is a first!

Tyler Kirkham will be highlighting select pieces from his career and he will be including layouts, sketches, convention sketches and commissions as well as sequential pages, covers, childrens book art, graphic design art, and conceptual art. The ultimate insider look at Tyler’s body of work!

Tyler needs Kickstarter ( and HIS FANS to make it happen though! The funds will go to the cost of printing and shipping, the design work and editing, as well as packaging supplies and postage to get the books to your home!

Especially for Kickstarter Tyler created video´s with Sketch Cover Progress and he added some exciting Stretch Goals as well as Retailer Incentives!

Kickstarter is a perfect platform for an artist to get pre-orders, thus funding the project! He will be offering very special incentives, sketches and goodies for backers as well!

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