What happens when a cat crashes into a skateboarder? The cat walks over to the skateboarder, who lies motionless on the ground, drinks from his brain and suddenly…?

This is the Storychangers campaign on www.storychangers.eu.
It features an interactive website and a hand-drawn video clip. Five artists have sharpened their pencils to change the story of the cat for you.

Amongst other activities, the European Parliament has launched this interactive and hand-crafted Storychangers campaign to remind young people about the upcoming European elections and to illustrate that, by voting, they can create a different story in Europe.

Join in by answering “What happens to the cat?” in 140 characters. The artists will pick the most creative ideas and turn them into a cartoon ending in real-time.

Go to www.storychangers.eu to check out the first clips already realised by some supporters from 10 countries.

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