Black Salt: Multicultural film’s first crowd funding campaign funded the Short. 2nd launch began to fund marketing, promotion and VOD!!!

Ratti Entertainment LLC announced today that their first Indiegogo crowd funding campaign was a huge success and covered production costs. Black Salt is a 30-minute action short film project based on the critically acclaimed comic book franchise. The story is an epic thriller, merging the world of modern-day espionage and political intrigue with the ancient world of martial arts. With the first money raised, the company completed principal photography, behind the scenes video, three trailers, and three movie posters and is currently finishing up post-production.

Creators Owen Ratliff and Aries Carmona created Black Salt eight years ago because they wanted to see more minority role models on the big screen with roles that had real social value behind them. Secondly, they wanted to create a storyline with a threat so great that all the races in the world would have to work together for their own survival. Then they added a Shaolin Kung Fu backstory, because as kids, they were always fascinated with the mystery of the Shaolin Temple.

Ben Ramsey directed the Black Salt proof-of-concept short film. He has also directed Love and a Bullet, Blood and Bone and written The Big Hit, Dragonball: Evolution and Luke Cage for Marvel Comics. Kinyumba Mutakabbir, a rising star who started in small roles in Entourage, Iron Man 3 and the Bold and the Beautiful, has the lead role as Samuel Lincoln Tharpe. Sheena Chou, Michelle Lee, James Lew, XJ Wang, Panuvat Anthony Nanakornpanom and Ron Yuan have round out the cast.

Ratliff is reaching out to fans once again to help with the launch of a new crowd-funding campaign. Raising additional funds will allow Ratti Entertainment to market and promote the short film like a feature film release, distribute worldwide on VOD (Video on Demand) and develop the brand further towards the goal of producing the full-length feature film. The short film is a precursor to the Black Salt feature film. They are trying to keep the action film genre strong and add some new faces to the big screen which is desperately needed.

We have a number of pledges and rewards listed. Please review the options and consider extending your support. Anything you give is appreciated, as every dollar pushes us toward our goal. View the funding campaign on:

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