Last year 21st Century Sandshark Studios released Volume 1 of Dan Nokes’ Adam and Eve: Bizarre Love Triangle in the Zombie Apocalypse: Post Armageddon Underground Bunker Blues. If you’re a fan of indie comics just reading the title of this comic should be enough to pique your curiosity. The book tells the tale of a boy, his genetically enhanced laboratory dog and his surly sentient land scooter out in search for true love and romance in the Undead Wasteland.

A video preview of Volume 1 can be found here:

Volume 1 is available for just $9 (US) from:

Wicked Comics are proud to announce that a fund raiser campaign has been started by 21st Century Sandshark Studios on Indie-A-Gogo to release Volume 2. Various perks are available to those who contribute towards the $500 needed to produce this book.

A 14 page preview is available on:

Help release this book by contributing here:

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