Top Shelf Productions have just announced that James Kochalka’s award-winning, influential, and totally addictive autobiography, American Elf has gone digital. It’s a simple idea — every day, James draws a comic strip capturing a moment from his life– but gathered all together, these moments take on rich new meanings. Both silly and profound, American Elf is a portrait of human life lived to the fullest, infused with the trademark passion and magic of Vermont’s Cartoonist Laureate.

Just as the fourth massive book collection of American Elf arrives, spanning the years 2008-2011, Top Shelf Productions decided to bring American Elf to digital comics as well — but with a new twist! For ease of reference, and to save your iPad from trying to load a 2,000-page high-resolution ebook and bursting into flames, the digital version of American Elf will be brought to you in handy year-by-year editions, issued regularly over the months to come, with all-new covers!

This first collection includes the strip’s beginnings at the end of 1998 and all of 1999. In here, James launches American Elf, rents a new apartment, cares for a sick kitty, visits Portugal, buys an iMac, and drinks a lot.

You might have thought that the daily strip was the oldest of the comics forms, the most conservative and convention-bound… Well, Kochalka has rescued it from its moribundity and given it a reason to get out of bed every morning.” — Eddie Campbell, author of Alec and co-creator of From Hell

The 454 page digital comic is available for just $1.99 (US).

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