American Nature started as a backup comic in Image’s Hoax Hunters. The whole crew’s here, in fact with the Comic/Record/T-shirt bundle. Featuring some pretty awesome artists including Steve Seele, Benjamin Marra, Ralph Niese, Kleenex Girl Wonder, Zé Burnay, The Hood Internet, Burger and Friends and more. Open wide for more of the same anthropomorphic insanity you’ve come to love/hate. Cower in fear as they join forces, fusing together like a Voltron, with our homies from Bogus Books and their new time-travel mindfuck, R.A.D. in Time. Educate yourself on the subject of violent feminism with Benjamin Marra’s Vigilante Girl Gang. No time to stop now, because it’s time to time travel one more time with Ralph Niese‘s epic Mediokrates. At this point you probably just wanna lay back and marinade in it, but they’re not gonna let you, because Zé Burnay and his Witch Gauntlet story The Walking Light are finna get you all tingly with goosebumps.

The world of funnybooks isn’t big enough to contain all of their friends though. Drop the needle on the latest 7″ from your favourite rapper’s favourite pretentious indie band, Kleenex Girl Wonder (featuring The Hood Internet).

Adorn yourselves in shirts that will have everyone asking, “Who are you wearing?” Tell ’em Burger and Friends, that’s who.

Here is the link –


“The weirdest people in comics are Kickstarting the weirdest comic ever. BACKED!” Ryan Browne of God Hates Astronauts

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