ROGUES! VOLUME 3, issue #1 (of 5)

Author: El Torres
Artist: Juan José Ryp
Cover Artist: Juan José Ryp (wraparound cover)

Intended Audience: Mature Themes
Genre : Fantasy
Format : Comic book sized, FC, 32 pages
Retail Price: $3,99

At last! The long-lost story where the Rogues were born, now remastered and with new-brand-extra pages. The first work of Juan José Ryp and El Torres with their creation, the Rogues!

Follow the first adventure of Bram and Weasel: A robbery to a nobleman went really well. Now they are the owners of an unique bright jewel… that everybody in Gerada, thiefs, soldiers and even mages want!


Author(s): Roger Bonet
Artist(s): Roger Bonet
Cover Artist(s): Diego Galindo

Item Code: JUL140782
In Shops: 9/24/2014
Intended Audience: Teen
Genre : Humor
Format : Comic book sized, FC, 32 pages
Retail Price: $3,99

If you think that White Sharks are bad… prepare yourself to meet DarkShark! A commando in a solo mission… hunting down Don Walrus the Narco, an evil drug lord and gun-addict -with a water gun, guy is in rehab. But Walrus controls the Duckong and brutal mercenaries!
Did you miss all the gun-toting grim-and-gritty nonsense from the 90’s? This is your book! Guns! Poaches! Grinned teeth! Duck shooting!

ROMAN RITUAL #1 (of 4)

Author: El Torres
Artist(s): Jaime Martínez, Diego Galindo
Cover Artist(s): Áurea Muñoz, Diego Galindo

Intended Audience: Mature
Genre : Horror
Format : Comic book sized, FC, 32 pages
Retail Price: $3,99

A new horror miniseries by El Torres!

A murder involving a cardinal is shaking the Vatican, so cruel and vicious that goes far beyond any crime and conspiracy that may have taken place in the Vatican before. The self-exiled priest John Brennan is summoned to Rome as the boldest exorcist in the Church… because there is an ancient evil spreading inside the Holy See itself.

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