Year 2012 – Rock n roll is making a come back, but God has different plans.

A mysterious virus kills 55% of the world”s population. There is social chaos as governments and law enforcement fall, but one rock band is rising from the rubble. Vortex generator”s sole purpose is sex, drugs and rock n roll but as night falls, they make it their mission to save their city the only way a rock band knows how. Come join the boys on the first part of their post apocalyptic adventure to make their dark world a little less dark. A story of a band whose stage is the rooftops and alleyways, and their show is kicking injustice in the ass.

Prepare to be apocalyptically rocked.


So all this started in 2009, when my friend Stefan Agius (he”s also the colourist of the front cover), kept bugging me to go to a meeting with his friends that were organizing the first ever Comic book convention in Malta. So to shut him up I agreed to go to one meeting. I met a bunch of likeminded geeks (that”s a compliment) that like everything I like. We instantly hit it off and I decided, then and there, that I was going to be part of the Malta Comic con. During this destined meeting they urged me to start my own comic.

I used to write A LOT of comics when I was young, but nothing too good to show. At the time I had the basic elements of “Apocalypse Rocked” in my head (rock stars that are super heroes in a post-Apocalyptic future) so I told them I would have the first issue ready for the comic con. Little did I know what I was getting myself into. I expected (as they did) that I was going to write a short story, but NO, I ended up writing a 43 page first issue which of course ended in a “to be continued…” I finished a black and white version of issue 1 about 4 hours before the comic con began.

Everyone really liked it, they laughed in all the right places, wanted to buy it, were angry that it ended with “to be continued” and wanted to know how it ended. This encouraged me to actually sell it. So after the comic con, I spent a few months colouring it and finished on Easter 2010 and put it up on Deviant Art. Everyone loved it. So I started issue 2.

Issue 1 is more of the origin story and ending with the reason why they become super heroes. Issue 2 is the band struggling with their dual roles and introduction of the minor characters, bad guys and love interests. So it was only natural for me to publish issue 1 and 2 together (plus issue 1 had been online and it was downloaded over 300 times and if I published issue 1 on its own, no one would buy it as they had downloaded it for free).

So here we are, 2 years later, with the first part of this epic story in your hands. I hope you enjoy it as I enjoyed (and hated at times) doing it.

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