St. James Cavalier, Centre for Creativity are building a blogger based program for the Cinema at Saint James Cavalier and are looking for young writers from a variety of backgrounds, be it sci fi, performaing arts, and music for future events.

The first of these screenings will be UNDER THE SKIN. The issue of the AVATAR is heading the creative front nowadays, and a movie like this tends to question – where does the performance itself start ?

More info about the event can be found :

A LIVE AV Show by Toni Gialanze, an artist from MCAST, will perform in the cinema itself and will be announced shortly.

This is a new way to program a cinema where, it is young writers who get the exclusive chance to not only watch a movie but also curate a cinema.

This is what the new digital cinema can allow for, and anyone willing to collaborate, they are encouraged to get in touch via

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