Dynamite Entertainment is pleased to announce its agreement with New York Times Bestselling Author Brandon Sanderson for a brand new project titled “White Sand”. Sanderson gained renown for his Mistborn series of novels and his work in completing Robert Jordan‘s epic Wheel of Time fantasy series. His current YA series The Reckoners commenced in 2013 with Steelheart, a #1 NY Times Young Adult bestseller, and his most recent novel, Words of Radiance, was a #1 NY Times Hardcover Fiction bestseller, continuing his Stormlight Archive epic fantasy series.

A brilliant, new fantasy world, White Sand is split into two halves: on one side are the Daysiders, and on the other the Darksiders. Daysiders have a unique ability to control and manipulate sand, bending it to their will to attack, or protect, as they wish. Darksiders have their own unique abilities and culture, and must wear thick dark lenses while on the Dayside. Generally speaking, Daysiders and Darksiders do not get along…and White Sand follows the adventures of one particular Daysider, a boy named Kenton.

The White Sand Graphic Novels are based on Brandon Sanderson‘s manuscript, and the graphic novels are the first published work to explore these worlds. As with Brandon’s other fantasy novels, White Sand takes place in his larger universe called the Cosmere, where consistent rules and themes are followed. The White Sand Graphic Novels will be as integrated into the Cosmere as any of Brandon’s other novels with many “Easter Eggs” for Brandon’s large fan base.

Dynamite plans to produce White Sand as a series of 3 original graphic novels, the first of which will be published in 2015. Look for more details on this exciting new project later this year!

“So far this has been a fantastic experience. I’m super excited to be doing this. For years we’ve wanted to do a graphic novel of one of my books, but I dragged my feet because I knew that my fans would want something new, not just an adaptation of one of the stories they’ve already read. It took us years to find the right project, but we finally settled on White Sand, which is one of the books in the Cosmere that I haven’t published yet. We’ll be doing it exclusively as a graphic novel, and this is awesome. I love graphic novels, and I love the company Dynamite. We took our time finding the exact right product, which I can endorse enthusiastically. I’ve hand chosen the artist and the writer who will be working on this. I hope that you will all really love the product we’re producing. I look forward to showing you White Sand, the graphic novel,” said author Brandon Sanderson.

“I can’t express how excited we are that Brandon is entrusting us with creating original gns from his manuscript,” said Dynamite CEO/Publisher Nick Barrucci. “It’s an incredible responsibility, and we’re working hard to execute the best trilogy of Graphic Novels possible. As his fans know, Brandon’s worlds are interconnected and build on each other. His characters and universe truly are the ‘Marvel Universe’ of prose. This series of Graphic Novels continues to build on his mythos. The best part, is that Brandon is completely vested in the project and overseeing it. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.”

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