What is Brittle Hill?
Think: ‘The Goonies’ meets ‘The Breakfast Club’ meets ‘Edward Scissorhands’. Then picture it as a comic book series!

Set in the fictional town of Brittleville, Brittle Hill brings us into the lives of three teens as they question what they know about life and death. The possibilities of romance and betrayal occur while they experience truly mysterious supernatural events.

In the first issue, we meet Echo, Nyx and Drake. It’s summer in Brittleville. A perfect time to get into trouble with the local authorities, and meet a mysterious stranger in the graveyard at night. Then, Echo undergoes an overnight transformation!

While intended for readers 10-14 years, Brittle Hill is a family oriented comic book, and will capture the imagination of child and adult readers of every age. The first issue of Brittle Hill is now available as a $3 full colour, 16 page printed comic book and as a .99 cent digital download!

I am interested in reading Brittle Hill, but the print edition is not available where I live. What do I receive when I purchase the first issue of Brittle Hill as a digital download?
Brittle Hill is available as a pdf download for only .99! (there is an option to contribute more if you wish) In addition to receiving the full 16 pages of Issue 1 in a digital pdf file, you also receive 5 additional pages of bonus material not included in the print edition. You’ll see character sketches, pencil drawings from two pages in Issue 1, and a look at some of the promotional materials that we provided to comic stores and the media. It’s our way of thanking you for purchasing a digital version of Brittle Hill’s very first issue.

Tell me a little about the creators of Brittle Hill!
This is the first comic book from the co-creators of Brittle Hill. Alan Spinney and Helen Spinney live in Moncton, a thriving city of 100,000 in the province of New Brunswick on Canada’s East Coast. Alan Spinney and Helen Spinney hope you enjoy reading Brittle Hill. The second issue will be available in mid-August 2014, followed in November 2014 with issue 3!

For more information on Alan Spinney and Helen Spinney and Brittle Hill, please visit their website at www.brittlehill.com or click on this link to purchase Brittle Hill #1

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