Graphic Novels Library Malta is looking for volunteers for a project this summer.

The NGO, GNLM will visit summer schools/clubs this summer giving presentations and organizing workshops to children about comics (ages will vary from 3 to 16 years old).

Activities can include:

• Creating comics and coloring activities (ages 6-13)
• Reading Comics (ages 3-8)
• Reenacting comic book stories (ages 3-8)
• Learning to read with comics (ages 3-5)
• Different types of comic book stories (ages 9-13)
• Meeting Superheroes (ages 3-5)
• Show movies and/or animated cartoons related to superheroes and comics (ages 3-13)

This can be an interesting exercise for anyone studying to be a teacher or would like work with children while promoting the comic book culture in Malta.

Dates will be available at a later stage however if you are interested pls contact us now so that GNLM will know about you and can communicate with you regarding other projects that we are working on and might be of interests to you.

GNLM will be able to write covering letters to anyone who work with us this summer.

Anyone interested pls msg us on Facebook or send an email to:

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