Cas in Sarcasm is a weekly comic strip published on the internet by the creative duo Adam Cassar (writer) and Samwel Mallia (illustrator). The duo first showcased the protagonists of this series during the Malta Comic Convention 2011, and officially published their first strip during the first day of 2012. The strips centre around the titular character Cas Manners and those around him. Boasting an impressive cast of colourful supporting characters this comedy/drama often pits its characters in embarrassing situations which one can easily identifies with. According to the creators, all of their characters have secrets, wants, needs and fears which will be explored and revealed as the series progresses.

Adam”s writing is sharp, witty and funny which in essence is why this series of strips works so well. The writing is well complimented by Samwel”s dynamic cartooning which not only makes the strip appealing to eye but also ensures that the reader takes in everything with minimal effort. The choice of a soft colours palette and the flowing ease in which Samwel brings the story to life are a joy to behold.

Wicked Comics (organisers of the Malta Comic Con and promoters of the comic culture world wide) strongly recommends you give this one a go. Because Cas in Sarcasm is further proof if any was ever needed that the Maltese Comic Scene is alive and kicking!

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