Bluewater Productions is proud to announce the release of a new comic book chronicling the life of the notorious Charles Manson. Beyond: Charles Manson will be released today and available in both print and digital formats. The 24-page comic book is written and drawn by Jayfri Hashim.

The Beyond series started this summer with Beyond: Edward Snowden, exploring the story of the man behind one of the largest security leaks in US history, and Beyond: The Joker, Man Who Laughs, delving into the symbolism and power behind one of pop-culture’s most fearsome villains. Conspiracies. Espionage. UFOs. Hidden History. Secret Societies. The Paranormal. Beyond brings you stories about the secret and suppressed, the stories “They” don’t want you to know!

In this installment of Beyond: Can any man be as evil as the media portrays him to be? A vagrant, frustrated musician who referred to himself as Jesus Christ, Charles Manson masqueraded behind the image of a peace-loving hippie to disguise his insatiable thirst for power and an intense obsession with violent death. Beyond explores the story behind the media sensationalism.

“It was a great experience working on this project, giving me the chance to stretch my skills both as a storyteller and as an artist,” states artist Jayfri Hashim about the book.

“We want to be able to use the comic book medium to educate as well as entertain,” said Publisher Darren G. Davis. “This book is one that was very disturbing to produce, because we did not want to add glory to what happened. At the same time, we felt it was important to explore the psychology and history behind the crimes-and we hope that we inform with this book.”

Print copies of Beyond: Charles Manson can be ordered exclusively for $3.99 at Comic Flea Market here:

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