Wicked Comics are proud to announce that comic writer/journalist Chris Le Galle’s yet unpublished novella titled Loving Ghosts was recently previewed on the Sweet-Animosity, which is the official blog of David Dhalia; another Maltese writer who is currently residing in Britain.

Loving Ghosts is a humorous and fictional tale in which its protagonist Dick Little, narrates how a chance encounter with Clara, his first love changed his life. The story is told in a sequence of collected paragraphs which are continuously followed by a single line or phrase which according to David “very cleverly connects one paragraph to the next” resulting in a smooth and flowing novella.

David Dhalia described Loving Ghosts as a very realistic, powerful, captivating and enjoyable short story.

Speaking to Wicked Comics, Chris Le Galle said that he is currently working on another novella tentatively titled Love Bites which will be a sequel to Loving Ghosts. Love Bites will see protagonist Dick Little, 7 years after the events of the first story entangled in an emotional conflict which will bring him to make a choice which will affect his life for ever. “Plans are in place to publish both novellas in one package, but anyone who wishes to read Loving Ghosts now, is welcome to contact me” enthused Le Galle.

Chris Le Galle who co-wrote The Golden Lizard; the first graphic novel created and published in Malta will be exhibiting at this year’s Malta Comic Convention on Saturday 8th December and Sunday 9th December at St. James Cavalier. He can be contacted on: chrislegalle@gmail.com

David Dhalia and his creative partner Alan Stealth will also be launching the first instalment of their forthcoming, exciting comic compendium School of Bitches during the Malta Comic Convention before embarking on a year long convention circuit in the UK.

The Loving Ghost’s preview along with other interesting reviews can be found on:


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