Cloudscape Comics just announced that they are looking for some additional content for their forthcoming All-Canadian Comics e-anthology. Cloudscape is currently putting together an anthology of Canadian hero comic stories entitled All-Canadian Comics. In addition to the stories already accepted, Cloudscape are also going to feature various text pieces. These will fall into one of two categories:

    1. Writings credited to fictional people existing within the anthology’s world, similar to what were featured in Watchmen. This could be interviews of characters, fake newspaper articles, academic essays, government documents, etc.

    2. Essays analyzing the genre of Canadian comic heroes, such as historical essays looking at the Canadian White development, personal anecdotes, articles exploring how the Canadian perspective of heroism differs from the US perspective, that sort of thing.

These pieces can range from 300 to 2000 words in length. Anyone interested in contributing one or more is to contact Bevan Thomas at:

Deadline is September 3rd 2012.

Cloudscape Comics are also looking for volunteers to help out at Cloudscape tables at various conventions next year. Those who would like a good excuse to get behind the table at either TCAF in Toronto or SDCC in San Diego, are to get in touch with Jeff at:

Cloudscape Comics are also supporting the Jeri and Jayleen Weaver’s fundraising campaign for the latest comics anthology titled Once Upon A Time… As usual a number of perk packages have been set up for supporters of this campaign. For more info on this visit:

Also make sure to check out the freshly re-designed Cloudscape Store at:

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