Calling all Canadian comic creators! Needed for Epic Canadiana #2! Epic Canadiana #1 was published last year, featuring a host of Canadian heroes that paid tribute to the golden age of Canadian comics, from the patriotic Johnny Canuck to the ruthless gun-toting Loon, from the Arctic demigoddess Ikniqpalagaq to the gay activist Jacques de Canada. The book was featured on CBC Radio, ShawTV, and the Vancouver Courier, and now get ready for its sequel.

The book will be black-and-white, 3-13 pages plus a cover. This will be an online publication in “ebook” format, so no physical books will be produced. All the stories in Epic Canadian #2 will exist in the same world, one that has already been explored in #1. However, characters can certainly inhabit the far past or future of that world or find themselves flung from that world into fantasy realms. Cloudscape are interested in stories that explore social issues facing Canada or are told from the perspectives of minorities, be they heroes of ethnic minorities, non-hetero sexuality, particularly faiths, dealing with various mental issues (such as clinical depression or autism), or other heroes who are for whatever reason outside the norm. That said, the book will also feature light-hearted tales to counterbalance the more introspective ones, and if creators want to tell some grand adventure with no message beyond that of excitement and fun, then by all means send it to Cloudscape. Submissions of scripts from writers who don’t have an artist and art samples from artists who don’t have a writer are also accepted. However, as it can sometimes be difficult to match up artists and writers, it often works best to have the whole team ready before the submission process.

Pitch deadlines are due August 10th. For more information, check out the website:

Award-winning News
Waterlogged was nominated for a Gene Day award! The Joe Shuster Awards are Canada’s national awards for honouring comics, with awards for writers, artists, webcartoonists, retailers… and self-publishers. Out of more than 40 submissions, Cloudscape’s Waterlogged: Tales from the Seventh Sea was selected as one of the eight final nominees for the 2014 Gene Day Award for self-published comics. Win or lose, this is a great honor; it’s exciting to be considered.

Life Drawing News
Life Drawing at Cloudscape HQ continues this month, but we’re cutting back to every other Saturday. That means there will be no life drawing on the 12th, but there will be on the 19th. Check the Facebook event for more timely reminders.

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