[size=220]Cloudscape News:[/size]

[size=105]Comic Battle[/size]
[size=105]Cloudscape is very excited to announce a revival of our classic blog event Comic Battle! Every week, on Wednesday evening, we will announce a new comic theme on the Cloudscape blog; this theme might be a word, a phrase, a sentence, anything that we think could be good inspiration for a comic. Then, we will give people one week to create a comic strip around that theme. The comic must be submitted by 7:30 on Wednesday of the following week for it to be considered. Once all the comics are in, they’ll be all posted on our blog, and everyone will have a week to vote on which one they like best. This will continue every week, so generally each Wednesday a new theme will be revealed, the comics from the previous week will be displayed, and the winner from the week before that will be announced.[/size]

[size=105]And now, here is the first week’s comic theme, due 7:30 on Wednesday, June 24:[/size]
[size=105]”Worst part about summer.“[/size]

[size=105]Comic Battle Rules[/size]
[size=105]* Anyone may enter, even if they are not regular attendees at[/size]
[size=105]Cloudscape meetings[/size]
[size=105]* Original work only[/size]
[size=105]* Content can be anything, though should restrict itself to a PG rating or lower.[/size]
[size=105]* Words are optional in the comic and it may be as long or as short as you like – however, it must have at least two panels. A single panel isn’t a comic; it’s just a picture.[/size]
[size=105]* Files should be at most 900-1800 pixels, web-ready jpg or png[/size]

[size=105]Draw Down[/size]
[size=105]Saturday, June 20, is Vancouver Drawn Down[/size]
[size=105]This annual drawing celebration encourages Vancouverites of all ages participate in hands-on events across the city in community centres, museums, art galleries, and on the street! These drawing workshops are led by a wide variety of professional artists, allowing people to explore different ways to express themselves through this engaging artform.[/size]

[size=105]As always, Cloudscape will be playing a prominet role at the festival:[/size]
[size=105]* Comic Jam
(http://cloudscapecomics.us8.list-manage.com/track/click?u=d0997f905c698a4aa9a02fe7b&id=d7644ceda8&e=e6aae51b79). Members will be running a comic jam, where each person draws a single panel of a comic, then passes it on 11 am – 1 pm Douglas Park Community Centre, 801 West 22 Avenue.[/size]
[size=105]* Exquisite Sea Monster[/size]
[size=105](http://cloudscapecomics.us8.list-manage1.com/track/click?u=d0997f905c698a4aa9a02fe7b&id=2bbf2b3ec3&e=e6aae51b79). At the same time, other Cloudscapers will be leading the drawing of an “exquisite sea monster,” where each person draws a part of the monster without know what the other parts look like. 11:30 am – 1:30 pm Sunset Community Centre, 6810 Main Street[/size]

[size=105]Visit the Vancouver Drawn Down[/size]
[size=105](http://cloudscapecomics.us8.list-manage.com/track/click?u=d0997f905c698a4aa9a02fe7b&id=d064f4c06a&e=e6aae51b79) website to learn more about these and other events. We hope to see you all on June 20! Life Drawing! There will be a special second session of life drawing June 20th from 1-4pm. The cost is only $10. You can join the event here[/size]

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