Wicked Comics are proud to announce the third edition of the Malta Comic Convention which will be held on Saturday 26th November and Sunday 27th November at St. James Cavalier. Since Wicked Comics is all about promoting the comic culture and following some pilot runs, Wicked Comics is ready to launch a co-promotional scheme and is hereby inviting all creators who wish to participate to contact us on info@maltacomic-con.com

In the coming months Wicked Comics will be heavily promoting the Malta Comic Con. In a nutshell the scope of this scheme is that while Wicked Comics is promoting the show, it will also be promoting creators and their characters/books. To this end we are inviting creators to design a short comic strip featuring/promoting the Malta Comic Con 2011 and the creator”s own characters/books. Strips can range from 1 panel to a maximum of 3-5 pages. The strips will be published on the Malta Comic Con/Wicked Comics website and on our various networking accounts. Wicked Comics will also try to publish the strips in local newspapers and magazines. So far all the pilot strips submitted have all been picked up by magazines and we”re also currently discussing the possibility of publishing these strips abroad.

Should you be interested in participating in such a scheme Wicked Comics will supply you with any reference material you may need. As a minimum Wicked Comics require a reference to the Malta Comic Con in the strip. The insertion of dates, time and ticket prices will also be appreciated. A small information pack containing information about Wicked Comics and details about the comic con will also be supplied to all interested parties.

Thanks and regards
Wicked Comics.

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