Wicked Comics are proud to announce that the Super Saver Malta Comic Con 2016 Tickets have sold out! However, as a token of gratitude for the incredible support shown so far, Wicked Comics has decided to extend the Super Saver Tickets offer for a few more days. Super Saver (Bonus Round) Tickets can be obtained from the Malta Comic Con website: http://www.maltacomic-con.com/tickets or from comics and collectibles retailers Pandora’s Box Collectibles (Tarxien) and Toy Town (Birkirkara).
Wicked Comics are also proud to announce that Kyle Hotz (Spider-Man), Jenika Ioffreda (Vampire Free Style), Frazer Irving (X-Men), Kinga Korska (Brain Fetish) and Tiernen Trevallion (Robbie Burns – Witch Hunter) will be joining Tom Foster, David Hitchcock, Collette Turner, Roger Langridge, Sean Azzopardi, John Fleming, Cliodhna, Andreas Michaelides, Tim Perkins, PJ Holden, Aris Labos, Guillermo Ortego, Mr. Massy81, Samantha Scuri, Raul Allen, Patricia Martin, John Royle, Chiara Cordello, Chris Thompson, Dan Watters, Enrica Eren Angiolini, Caspar Wijngaard and Giulia “Juiz” Sulsenti as guests for the Malta Comic Con which will be held on Saturday 3rd (10am-6pm) and Sunday 4th (11am-7pm) December 2016 at the south end of the Malta Fairs and Convention Centre (MFCC) in Ta’ Qali (next to the Millennium Stand).
“Malta Comic Con 2015 was an amazing event, I enjoyed every single minute of it and as usual it was spotlessly organised. I loved the new venue even more than the previous one (it was great having all the artists and exhibitors together in one room) and everything else was sooooo good! Once again thank you with all my heart”, said returning guest Jenika Ioffreda. While Frazer Irving expressed his excitement at attending the show for the first time stating; “I’ve never been to Malta before. It’s really nice that my first visit will be as a guest, as I’m showing up in the middle of a massive comics party!”
Kyle Hotz:kyle-hotz
While still in the final year of earning his fine arts degree, Kyle Hotz was already working full time as a comic book illustrator on the genre-stretching horror anthology ‘Slash’ and the vampire title ‘Cold Blooded’. Immediately after finishing school Kyle was asked to work on the character Nightman for Malibu comics, which was later purchased by Marvel comics group. Though Nightman was a costumed hero comic, Kyle’s quirky style, with deep shadows and exaggerated anatomies, helped it to stand out from the usual men in tights books. Soon Kyle was asked to draw Dr. Strange for Marvel Comics and then to helm the futuristic Ghost Rider 2099 which highlighted Kyle’s love for bizarre costumes and settings. As his reputation as a horror artist grew, Kyle illustrated various titles for most of the major comic publishers, including Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, Image and a host of independent press. Some of the characters Kyle has had a chance to put his stamp on include The Hulk, Venom, Spiderman, Green Goblin, and Captain America. Monster Matinee, a collection of Kyle’s illustrations paying homage to classic monster movies of the 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s brought Kyle to the attention of the producers of Madison Scare Garden, a Halloween themed event held in the New York arena. Kyle provided key art and character designs for Madison Scare for many years which led to similar opportunities designing creatures, environments and all manner of weirdness for theme parks at various venues the world over. In 2009 Kyle created a multitude of key characters for a proposed installation at Tivoli Gardens in Denmark and an ‘Aliens versus Predator’ installation in Australia. Somewhere along the line, Kyle was noticed by tattoo distribution giant, Tattoo Johnny and asked to create original tattoo flash art, some of which has remained top sellers to this day.
In 2000, Kyle co-created the character ‘The Hood’, for Marvel comics and illustrated the character’s first mini-series. The Hood was a sleeper hit and finally broke out in 2009, when the Hood became one of Marvel’s most popular villains and Kyle was asked to return to the character for a 5 issue story arc. Kyle has also co-created and illustrated the graphic novel ‘Epilogue’ with author Steve Niles (30 days of Night) , and co-created and illustrated ‘The Agency’ with Paul Jenkins (creator of the origin of Wolverine). Along the way Kyle wrote and illustrated the creator owned graphic novel ‘Mosaic’ and wrote and illustrated ‘The Zombie’ for Marvel. Perhaps the purest example of the art of Kyle Hotz is the series he co-created and draws with Eric Powell, ‘Billy the Kid’s Old Timey Oddities’. This oddball, pseudo-historical storyline has been a critical success (Entertainment Weekly gave it an ‘A’) and fan favourite and Kyle is currently at work on the third instalment of the series. It’s in this series of books that best showcases Kyle’s love for, not only the bizarre, but the endearing and cartoony aspects of his craft. Kyle lives and works in Ohio with his family and three pug dogs.


Jenika Ioffreda:jenika-ioffreda
Jenika Ioffreda is the creator of “Vampire Free Style”, award nominated comic book series about a black cat in a world of magic, mysteries, vampires and witches.
The series has sold over 5,000 copies in comic conventions over Europe, has been praised by reviewers, has a loyal following and has been requested as a set dressing for “This Must Be The Place” movie.
Pages and illustrations from the series have been displayed at the Brent Museum in London.
Jenika is currently an extremely active presence in the European comic conventions circuit and is self publishing a new comic book series “Midnight Tea” a ghost story set in 19th century.
Frazer Irving:frazerirving
Frazer Irving Has been drawing the mad and fantastic ever since flares were cool the first time round. He’s drawn the X-Men, Batman and Robin, Judge Dredd, Harry Houdini, Iron Man, Mjolnir, Garfield, and a bunch of people who live in a stomach, among other things. He lives in London with all the other madmen, plays the drums, eats curry, and has a British accent.


Kinga Korska:kinga-korska
Kinga was too busy drawing stick figures in Paint Shop Pro when all the girls of her age were colouring the pavements with chalk.
Cartoonist, graphic novelist, illustrator and animator, she spent great part of her life in
a remote corner of the Canary Islands, on the Island of La Palma. In the middle of nowhere, she used to sketch in the mornings, woken up by great coffee, crowing cocks, cackling chickens and jingling bells of her neighbours’ goats. Currently she lives in Ireland.
Kinga is part of the crew of Przedmarańcza, a recognised Polish hip-hop video clip producer.
tiernen-trevallionTiernen Trevallion:
Tiernen Trevallion has worked as an illustrator and comic artist since being convinced to leave school in the mid eighties.
His first comic strips were with the Black library’s Inferno magazine which led to the final story in the Daemonifuge series with Si Spurrier in the Warhammer magazine. He then pestered Tharg at 2000AD and a series of ‘terror tales’ and ‘Tales from the Black Museum’ set him up to work with Gordon Rennie on the ‘Absalom’ series. Since then Tiernen has teamed up with Gordon Rennie and Emma Beeby to create the stand alone, award winning graphic novel; “Robbie Burns- Witch Hunter’ with Renegade.
There have also been several Dredd stories and covers, Tiernen also continues to work as an illustrator and concept artist.
He also works on his own projects. Furious Puffins may or may not be involved.


As customary Wicked Comics have designed a number of packages for fans wishing to travel to the Malta Comic Con from abroad, which include heavily discounted accommodation rates and local transport from hotel to convention centre. Similarly Wicked Comics have a number of packages tailored for foreign creators who wish to exhibit at the Malta Comic Con including heavily discounted tables. Wicked Comics can be contacted on info@maltacomic-con.com
More information on these packages can be found here:
More details can be found on the Malta Comic Con website:
http://www.maltacomic-con.com and all announcements can be followed on the Malta Comic Con Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Malta-Comic-Con-193667083985578/timeline


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