Wicked Comics are proud to announce that Trevor Von Eeden and Stefan Jackson’s Corrina has joined the Creepy KOFY Movietime comic anothology line-up.

Corrina, the tale of a witch queen from New Orleans will be making its printed debut within Creepy KOFY Movietime #1. Written and created by Stefan Jackson, Corrina will be illustrated by Trevor Von Eeden (the co-creator of DC Comics’ Black Lightning, and artist on books such as Batman, Thriller and Green Arrow).

Wicked Comics caught up with writer (Dead Ahead), editor (Gumby Comics) and journalist (Speech Balloons) Paul H. Birch who has also contributed Wolfs Bane (illustrated by Roland Bird) to the Creepy KOFY Movietime #1 to learn more about Corrina’s inclusion in this upcoming anthology. Paul who is currently editing a different anthology (Hardware) is not editorially involved in Creepy KOFY Movietime comic but due to past editorial work for Acme Ink the publisher has asked him for suggestions and comments throughout the book’s development. In turn Paul recommended some contributions including that of Corrina.

The strip originally appeared as part of one of the early dot.com initiatives into online digital publishing houses, but being a pioneer doesn’t always guarantee success and in those earlier internet times appeared, was seen by some, and put to one side, but not forgotten.

Some years back, I was asked to become involved editorially in an intended US anthology called Harsh Realities; that had established names like The Crow’s Jim O’Barr possibly becoming involved. I was presented with a number of works in production, plus creators, and one of these was Stefan, who sent me links to Corrina by him and Trevor, although the public no longer had access to the site,” explained Paul H Birch. “Being a fan of Von Eeden’s work in the first instance, I didn’t hesitate to check it out and suggest it could be used in Harsh Realities to reach a larger readership. Everyone agreed, but alas the publisher decided to put the anthology on hold, as it focussed on a licensed book. So, I went back to other things, one of which was my own intended anthology, Hardware, but at the time that was also pretty much on the back-burner.

However, as Hardware developed I asked Stefan if I could have his and Trevor’s permission to serialise Corrina in it, and he agreed. My problem then lay in the fact that the original art had scattered on the wind during the interim period, and some of it had been prepared solely for the digital medium; technologies becoming outdated along the way, and the only remaining pages – as such – in existence of the whole original 15 page Corrina strip were just some small digital images.

With help from friends like Martin Tierney and Mats Engesten we were able to translate those itty-bitty samples into larger ones, digitally manipulating the original colour ones into tonal black and white ones (as that was how Hardware was originally intended to be published). With the alteration to b/w, some of the reversed lettering could no longer be read, plus there were some proofreading gaffes that my editorial personality needed to rectify, so again with Stefan’s permission I got the very fabulous John Robbins involved to re-letter the strips as a re-edited two part saga. John’s lettering has appeared in titles published by Dark Horse and Caliber so there was quality all the way down the line.

And there the two strips sat, waiting as Hardware continued to be developed. During a business meeting with the publishers it was agreed that a magazine sized anthology, in the European manner, with colour as a style choice option, could prove more beneficial for the comic in the long-run.

All very positive stuff, but the down side is that for a time, we forgot to go back and look how the rebooted Corrina strips would work further expanded from our digitally enhanced US size to a larger UK/Euro size. When we did, we found we had problems. A few better colour digital images were found somewhere along the way, but it still presented problems. Stefan had emailed me saying that if it couldn’t happen, so be it, but I never give up on anything; some way or other I always find a way round things, even if they take me – quite literally – years!

If we could not have Corrina appear in Hardware the way I had intended, we could at least have it appear as an article on how, why, and lessons learned about the pros and cons of digital comics, and that is part of the plan… Because Hardware is still in development, though not development hell I’m pleased to say… And we could have the strip appear on a dedicated Hardware website where it could be viewed properly and maybe back in colour but with the re-mastered lettering – available for viewing exclusively to the magazine’s subscribers as an added incentive… So that’s where it stood.

Around this time, it came to Paul’s attention that Stefan had also written His Will Be Done for the US Creepy Kofy Movietime comic and that layouts for it had been produced by Gary Crutchley, who he had worked with himself on the Carter’s Column series (that can be viewed at http://blogs.birminghammail.net/speechballoon/) among other things. Unfortunately, it was found that the finishing artist might not make the deadline.

I made a few suggestions about how the editor/publisher might overcome that, and I was also asked if I could supply another finished strip of my own, but I didn’t want to flood the book with my work. However, the proverbial light bulb went off in my head, and I found a way to kill two birds with one stone, while hopefully making everyone happy in the process: I suggested they use the re-mastered Corrina strip. I sent the pages back across the Atlantic and their production team agreed they would work at US size.

The irony of this is that the Corrina strip has almost come full circle, because Mel Smith, the publisher of Acme Ink was involved in Harsh Realties and had introduced me to Stefan way back when.

“As it stands now, Corrina will debut in Creepy Kofy Movietime #1 as a seven page strip. The way I had re-edited it, It can be read and enjoyed in standalone format, but you get the added bonus of the latter half as an eight page strip that would appear in a second issue of the comic – Plus the article and new online Hardware version being developed independently, and I know Stefan has other Corrina stories to tell so we can look at those for potential European publication once that magazine is settled.

I must declare, I’m not the editor of Creepy Kofy Movietime #1, I’ve just made suggestions here and there when Mel or some of the other creators have asked for my input,” Paul concluded. Even so, Mel Smith added: “The contributors all blew the doors off the hinges artistically and story wise.”

Thus Stef Jackson and Trevor Von Eeden’s Corrina now joins the likes of Ken Hooper and Gary Crutchley behind a Darick Robertson cover for Creepy Kofy Movietime #1.

Now in its seventh season Creepy KOFY Movietime is hosted by a couple of cave-dwelling fiends going by the monikers of No Name and Balrok whose bawdy party-night humour intersperses screenings of B-movie horror and sci-fi flicks alongside interviews and live performances by bands, dancers, magicians and ghost hunters!

The Creepy KOFY Movietime comic is being published by Acme Ink and prior to going on sale at comic shops through Diamond this Halloween will be available direct from the publisher and at summer conventions, with scheduled signings also planned by the show’s hosts No Name and Balrok.

Creepy KOFY Movietime is one anthology comic you couldn’t miss sitting there in a comic book store – And why should you unless it’s sold out? Don’t delay, reserve your copy today!

For more information on Creepy KOFY Movietime visit: www.kofytv.com/creepy-movie

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