Cover Up!
The Cover Art of Monte M. Moore

A Comprehensive Collection of Cover Art spanning the 20+ years of Monte’s professional career in gaming, comics and sexy pin-up art! Get it now via MMM’s Kickstarter.

So the idea for COVER UP was born as a retrospective of Monte M. Moore’s first 25 years in the comics, gaming and entertainment industry and he is looking forward to sharing that artwork with his fans!

In the comics industry often a comics issue is published and read or filed away in a collection and doesn’t get much of a shelf life, so this is a chance for MMM to share his evolution as an artist. MMM was never the kind who experienced any sort of ‘overnight success’, but instead have worked long and hard in the industry he loves to carve out a successful career as an illustrator.

This collection will show some works never before seen in MMM’s previous art books as many of the early books were only black and white, and will now be shown in color and will contain some insights into the creation of the artwork as well. Much of the work will be from comics, but also some art from Novel Cover assignments, Magazine Clients, and so much Moore!

Some of the art may also be from clients who never managed to actually publish their projects which happens more often that we would like to hear, so this is a chance for those creations to have a bit more life as well.

Since 1993 Monte M. Moore’s work has appeared on products and covers for dozens of clients such as DC comics, Marvel Entertainment, Zenescope Comics, Harris Comics, Image Comics and many others, and now they can all be collected in one place!

From King Arthur and Vampirella, to a host of Indie comics titles and Femme Fatales such as Pin-Up Illustrated!

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