Darick Robertson (The Boys, Conan) has produced the cover for an anthology comic based on Creepy KOFY Movietime, a popular late night horror cable TV show in the USA.

Now in its seventh season Creepy KOFY Movietime is hosted by a couple of cave-dwelling fiends going by the monikers of No Name and Balrok whose bawdy party-night humour intersperses screenings of B-movie horror and sci-fi flicks alongside interviews and live performances by bands, dancers, magicians and ghost hunters!

The Creepy KOFY Movietime comic is being published by Acme Ink and will be available direct from the publisher and at summer conventions prior to going on sale at comic shops through Diamond this Halloween.

As well as making guest appearances in the comic themselves No Name and Balrok will be attending scheduled signings. Aside from comic shows Acme Ink will also be at other popular culture events such as a convention in August alongside the cast of the original Night of the Living Dead film.

Among the strips within Ken Hooper (Aquaman, Indiana Jones) cameos The Cave Girls – dancers and eye candy on the show – in a gracefully rendered story that evokes EC and earlier still the likes of Planet Comics; Manuel Martinez (Death Race) opts for a modern edge when he draws the show’s hosts while Gary Crutchley (2000AD) pulled the graveyard shift to supply a pin-up of them as well as layouts for His Will Be Done written by Stef Jackson, with finished art by Mel Smith (Pantera) and Mats Engesten (Vincent Price Presents); Ken Thomas (Anne Frankenstein) wrote the underground bloodletting found in Bumhunters & Bumpires, illustrated by Edbon Sevillino (Dead Ahead Series Deux) while Paul H Birch (Toxic) and Roland Bird (Curse of the Cortes Stone) turned their endeavours towards sequential literature of a lycanthropic nature in Wolf’s Bane.

“The contributors all blew the doors off the hinges artistically and story wise,” said publishers Acme Ink. So much so that there is already talk of a second anthology.

With Darick Robertson’s in-your-face cover Creepy KOFY Movietime is one anthology comic you couldn’t miss sitting there in a comic book store – And why should you unless it’s sold out? Don’t delay reserve your copy today!

For more information on Creepy KOFY Movietime visit:

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