Wicked Comics organisers of the annual Malta Comic Convention and promoters of the comic culture world wide are proud to announce that David Lloyd”s awesome graphic novel Kickback is going to be released as an application on Wednesday 28th Mach by digital publisher Panel Nine.

Kickback is a crime noir thriller set in Franklin City. The story follows Joe Canelli; a corrupt policeman who”s trying to solve multiple gang related murders, while in the same time, trying to keep in check his nightmares, which might hold the key to unlock the memory block he experienced as a kid.

If you still haven”t read this highly recommended graphic novel, now is your chance to do so, and if you have Panel Nine has added a number of goodies to ensure that getting it in its brand new format will be worth your while.

The forthcoming Kickback graphic novel for the iPad has over 120 pages, including an exclusive and revealing interview with David Lloyd. Throw in audio commentaries and a variety of extras and you have a must-have package that no self-respecting comic fan can do without.

For more information visit the brand new Kickback Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/app.kickback and by liking the page you”ll have a chance to win some fantastic prizes such as original artwork from the said graphic novel and a wicked iPad from Panel Nine.

You can also check out Wicked Comic”s review of Kickback at

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