Rage, Bane of Demons is a Graphic Novel written by Eric Peyron and painted by Thony Silas. Since then, Thony Silas has been working for Marvel and DC. Amazing Spider-Man: Ends of The Earth was his first work for Marvel. Thony has been for a time one of the pencilers of Venom and Daredevil: Dark Nights, and is now the regular penciler of Batman Beyond.

As for Rage, this is only the beginning. New penciler Alan Quah has decided to join the fun, and came up with something completely original! Since working on these first few pages, Alan has been working for Dark Horse on the Godzilla 2014 adaptation, and is currently working for DC on Vampire Diaries.

Fun and action ! No other words could better define the Rage, Bane of Demons Series. If you have already read the first graphic novel, you know what to expect. If not, it’s available here in various digital formats, and in the Creations Section of this project for eligible Patrons.

This Patreon Project will help finance the Rage Series, and many other Rage-related projects, including the Rage Artbook, which will contain Rage Sketches drawn by various pencilers around the world, and the new Rage Strips Series with new penciler Stéphane Degardin!

Rage Card Game is an extension to the Rage Bane of Demons App available for iPhone & iPad in the iTunes Store. Rage Card Game is a prequel to the Rage Bane of Demons story. You will have the option to read the 7-page intro and when the Intro is over, you will have to play games to unlock new chapters of the story and discover what happened before the Rage Bane of Demons Graphic Novel. The comic itself is drawn by Yonami, with colors by Nino Sempa. Khain Alhazred’s Tarot Cards are drawn by Fabien Laouer, Andre Siregar and many other artists. The game itself is an iPhone/iPad exclusive, but the story is available in print at Amazon, with pages showing the right cards to combine to unlock every chapter!

Website: http://www.ragewebsite.com/

The crowdfunding page is here: http://www.patreon.com/epeyron

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