DESTINY, NY Is Not Your Typical Prophecy… about love, loss, magic, cats, coffee, growing up and more

Since announcing DESTINY, NY, the question co-creator Pat Shand kept getting was “Who is publishing it?”

They are. Manuel Preitano and pat Shand. And… well, they kinda hope that “they” includes you, too. Via Kickstarter

They are launching a Kickstarter ( to publish DESTINY, NY as a full-length graphic novel. Leading up to the campaign, they will release pages from their first chapter on the Destiny NY blog beginning, August 22nd.

Now, a little about DESTINY, NY and what it means.
Their high concept is this:

How are you supposed to find your path when you’ve achieved your destiny before your thirteenth birthday?

Set in a version of New York City where magic is a real and accepted part of life, our story follows Logan McBride, a woman who was the subject of a prophecy when she was young. However, much like the child stars of our world, Prophecy Kids often burn out in the worst ways.

Destiny, NY follows Logan as she navigates through post-grad school for Prophecy Kids, dating in 2016, and finding her place in a world that tells her she’s already finished…

That’s their hook, and the creative team is excited to explore this mythology and introduce readers to their left-of-center version of New York City, but to be real honest, that’s not exactly what DESTINY, NY is. The magic realism and the prophecies are the backdrop for our story, which is focused squarely on the characters, their lives, and the way they shape each other. It’s about people.

It’s kind of about us, you, them, everybody.

Pat Shand began writing DESTINY, NY in late 2014. He was undergoing a huge change in hislife, and was pouring a lot of what he was going through into his run on Zenescope’s ROBYN HOOD. In certain ways, that wasn’t the right place for this specific story, so when it became clear around the sixth issue that he had to find a different outlet, he started creating DESTINY, NY even though he didn’t really know what it was yet.

And then, because Manuel is one of the best and fastest artists around, Pat Shand reached out to him and asked him to be the co-creator and artist. Days later, with nothing more than a rough concept sent to his e-mail, Manuel replied with the first two covers. Because that is how Manuel gets it down. Shortly after that, they had a full issue complete, with letters by Jim Campbell and select color samples by Slamet Mujiono.

DESTINY, NY is about the New York City that many don’t see. It’s about our constantly changing perspective on who we are, how we can look back just two years ago and ask, Who was that?

The team has a lot of content already created for DESTINY, NY, and are eager to show it off. They believe in this story and these characters, very much, and it would be an understatement to say that they’re excited to share it with readers!

PAT SHAND writes comics, novels, and pop culture journalism. He is best known for long runs onRobyn Hood, Charmed, Van Helsing, and Grimm Fairy Tales, as well as his creator-owned work including Vampire Emmy and the Garbage Girl, Family Pets, and Suckers. He has also worked on comics such as Joss Whedon’s Angel, Equilibrium, Disney Princess, Zootopia, and more. His forthcoming novels, Iron Man: Mutually Assured Destruction and Avengers: The Serpent Society, will be out in late 2016. Destiny, NY is his first Kickstarter.

MANUEL PREITANO was born under the Italian sun with a pencil in his cradle. After studying in Rome, he started working for comic fanzines, until the internet put him in touch with publishers all over the world. His current credits include work for Zenescope Entertainment, Graphic India, Dabel Brothers, and regional Italian publishers. Whether an action-y style or a cartoony style, Manuel enjoys doing comics, book covers, illustrations, and whatever else sounds fun to draw. Most of all, though, he loves cats, so Pat bribed him into drawing Destiny, NY by telling him it was a series full of felines.

JIM CAMPBELL has lettered comics for Black Mask, Boom! Studios , Zenescope Entertainment, and more.

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