Dragons Sketchbook Volume I is a collection of sketches and drawings of dragons created by iella, a London based illustrator who stems from the island of Malta.

The aim is to make an A5 book with 40 pages, featuring black and white pages with colour inserts. The book will be printed on recycled paper to give it a nice texture whilst being eco-friendly.

Why dragons? Give iella a piece of paper and a pen and the first thing that comes out is some kind of twisted dragon creature. Having piles of sketchbooks invaded by random dragons and not being willing to sell original sketchbooks, a compilation of drawings printed thanks to Kickstarter funding seemed to be the best option.

The book will be launched during the MCM London Comicon on 23 May.
Anyone visiting London is welcome to pop at the artists’ alley to buy the book alongside other iella‘s regular comics. Otherwise, there is an ongoing Kickstarter campaign till mid April. – https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2069465445/dragons-sketchbook-volume-1

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