What better way to celebrate the upcoming presidential election than giving readers what they want? More choices! The Three Stooges return this August with a brand new story that finds The Boys in the middle of some true political drama. American Mythology makes the hard choices easy by allowing fans to choose their favorite Stooge by offering three brilliant covers, each one highlighting Larry, Moe, or Curly in all their patriotic glory!

Following up on the fan-favorite previous issues, the publisher is releasing a full-length story pitting everyone’s favorite funnymen thick in the mix of the election process. After unwittingly being thrown into the national spotlight during a televised parade, The Stooges become the media darlings of a presidential hopeful looking to cash in on The Boys new fame. Things take a turn for the worse after a
disastrously hilarious appearance on a morning talk show and only get crazier as The Three Stooges unleash their own brand of politics on the world.

Under license from C3 Entertainment, Inc. American Mythology Productions (AM) will launch The Three Stooges – Red White & Stooge as a full-color, 32-page comic book written by S.A. Check (Pink Panther / The Three Stooges) with art by Brendon and Brian Fraim (Vampire, PA) and featured in the comics section of the June 2016 edition of PREVIEWS from Diamond Comic Distributors, listed under “American Mythology Productions,” on page #266. It carries a $3.99 U.S. cover price.

The book adds an extra level of excitement by allowing fans and readers of both The Three Stooges and the new comic to dictate the ending of the book by purchasing one of three covers for the issue, and also joining in on the fun by casting their votes on social media. Who will become the next POTUS, or in this case DOOFUS? Only fans of the series know, and we can’t wait to find out!

“Who wouldn’t want to write this story? I mean, really. Writing for The Three Stooges is a dream come true for me, putting The Boys in one wacky scenario after another is as much fun to write as, I hope, it is to read,” said writer S.A. Check. “When American Mythology approached me about writing the issue, I literally jumped through the phone at the chance. The Three Stooges operate outside of normal conventions, whether we put them in space, fighting dinosaurs, or just baking a cake, the world around them just seems to conform to their own brand of comic genius.”

“We’ve been looking forward and planning this issue ever since we started publishing the new Three Stooges comics last spring. It’s a perfect setting to showcase The Boys and their unique brand of
madness,” said Michael Bornstein, American Mythology’s publisher. “We decided to kick it up another notch by bringing the fans into the action by allowing them to decide the end of the story. They literally get to choose their favorite character and put them in the White House by either buying a cover with their choice of Stooge or participating on social media to cast their vote. This is a comic book event that we want everyone to have fun with and show their support for the Three Stooges by following along up to the big reveal with the book’s release. Get your knucklehead on and join us as we turn everything Red White & Stooge.”

Fans can vote for their favorite Stooge by ordering the cover of the candidate they love most at their local comic shop, on ComiXology, or at the American Mythology Shop at  They can also vote by tweeting #VoteLarry, #VoteMoe, or #VoteCurly to the @AmericanMytho Twitter handle, by posting on the American Mythology Comics Facebook page, or by emailing with your selection.  The votes will be open through 6/30/16 and a Stooge will become the new President this fall!

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