Wicked Comics; the organisers of the Malta Comic Con and promoters of the comic culture world wide are proud to announce that issue 1 of Eric Orchard’s much anticipated digital comic book Marrowbones has been released.

Spectrum Silver Award winner Eric Orchard, is a Canadian cartoonist who has worked for Top Shelf, tor, First Second, ONI, Scholastic and others. Marrowbones is an all ages creepy comic book entirely created by Eric Orchard and digitally published by Springwinder Press.

Issue 1 of Marrowbones introduces Nora and the world of Marrowbones. Nora is an outsider, a rejected and strange girl who longs to fit in. Her ability to see ghosts and monsters sets her apart from other kids. Her parents enrol her in the Hillgrove School For Haunted Children, a terrible place which is more of a prison than a school. Luckily she is rescued by her uncle Barnaby, a werewolf who hands her a job at his Ravensbeard Inn in Marrowbones.Each issue of Marrowbones will feature a short story centred around Nora’s daily work at the Inn.

Issue 1 of the fantastically illustrated Marrowbones is 47 pages long, full colour and available for downloading for only 2 USD. The character’s gallery included in the first issue is worth the cover price on its own, so Wicked Comics strongly suggest you give this one a try.

To get your very own copy of this exciting first issue of Marrowbones and for more information on all things Orchard kindly visit:


Stay tuned for Wicked Comics’ review of Marrowbones issue 1 and more news on issue 2 which is scheduled for a release in July.

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