As part of the Malta Comic Con 2012, Wicked Comics has teamed up with the Blood Donation Unit in Pieta‘ to offer a Mobile Blood Unit on the 8th December with near the Malta Tourism Authority at Valletta between 8.30am till 1pm.

Donating blood is very important because your little gesture can safe more than 1 life! Unfortunately, the blood bank in Malta runs on very low reserves of blood on a daily basis. A big accident or crisis can lead to a big demand without enough reserve to cater for everyone.

Various accidents that happen on a daily basis on our roads, together with operations and patients receiving particular treatments, need a good blood supply all day and all year round.

Those of you who wish to donate blood but do not wish to do so on the day of the convention are encouraged to visit the blood bank the week before and donate blood there. Inform your attendee that you form part of the Malta Comic Con team as after the convention we will announce how many litres of blood and how many lives we saved!

So what are you waiting for? Be a hero you too!

Please note that due to new clinical developments, final eligibility determination is decided by the medical staff at the National Blood Transfusion Service.

Identification with Maltese ID card, Maltese Driving License or Maltese Passport.

Between 18 years and 63 years; 17 year olds must have a parent/guardian consent. Regular donors above 63 years and under 68 years may donate, but the intervals between donations should not exceed 6 months. New donors above 63 years are not accepted.

At least 50kg.

Females can donate every four months; Males can donate every three months. Females who are not menstruating, may donate every three months.

Donor must be in general good health and recently not suffering from any serious illness.

A questionnaire is filled by the donor and then discussed with the medical officer to determine if one may donate or not. This is done under strict confidentiality, as donor’s honesty is very important.

Be Prepared

Thank you for your interest in donating blood.

Following are some guidelines donors should know or do prior to attending any blood donation centre.

It is important to note that the process of blood donation is not traumatic at all on a healthy human body, so if you decide to donate, simply relax, take it easy, it’s a simple process.

Feeling Sick
If you have fever, sore throat or flu-like symptoms,or suffered from diarrhoea recently, avoid coming to donate blood as you will not be able to do so. If you are having any treatment, tell the doctor the names of the medications, preferably bring them with you.

Avoid wearing tight clothing around your neck, waist and arms when coming to donate blood.

Food and Drinks
Make sure you have had a healthy breakfast or lunch before coming. Never donate blood with an empty stomach; you might feel a bit dizzy. Please avoid eating fatty foods like pizzas, cheesecakes and junk food, prior to a blood donation. It is very important that you start drinking before coming to donate blood, preferably water. Alcohol should not be consumed on the day of the donation. We do offer snacks and refreshments to whoever attends, and emphasis the fact that donors should help themselves to our drinks before the donation, so go ahead!! Our friendly staff will try to make you feel as comfortable as possible during the process, so if you lack anything, simply ask.

Giving birth
If you gave birth, leave 6 months after delivery before coming to donate blood.

Tattoo and Body Piercing
If you have done a tattoo or any body piercing lately, leave 6 months from when it was made before coming to donate blood.

After the Donation

Make sure that you keep on drinking regularly for the rest of the day. Avoid alcohol.

On the day of your donation, avoid strenuous activity e.g. brisk walking or running, avoid weight lifting for the first 3 days after donation. Avoid swimming or staying in the sun. Do not go scuba diving for a week.

Going abroad
If you want to donate blood before going abroad make sure you come at least 3 days before the flight. If you had any injections before going abroad leave 6 months before coming to donate blood. Always discuss with our doctors.

During the day of the donation, do not use heavy machinery, avoid housework including ironing, avoid going up a ladder.

Avoid smoking during the first 2 hours after you donate blood.

Take some time for yourself and relax, you deserve it. Your body needs some time to replenish the blood you donated. You need to drink a lot to replace the volume donated. During summer one has to bear in mind that you need more fluid replacement because of the hot weather.

For further information you can call us on 79307307 or 22066201

Feel good about yourself, you have just saved a life.

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